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Automatic Detergent Bottle Filling Capping Machinery


Product Description

Suitable filling material

This machine adopts piston pump, which is suitable for all kind materials, with high filling speed and high filling precision.

For filling corrosive, the position pump will be made by silicon rubber, Teflon, ceramics and other corrosion resistance materials.

Main component:

All use word-class famous brand.

All the material is stainless steel 304,the part which contact with bleach is 316 sus .

PLC Mitsubishi (Japan)

Human-computer touch screen wenview (Taiwan)

Cylinder AirAc (Taiwan)

Photo sensor Omron (Japan)

Controlling system

The machine adopts full-auto PLC and human-computer touch screen control system. For different volumes adjustment, we set several procedures, mode 1, mode 2, mode 3, mode 4``` Operators do not need too much complicated adjustments, the filling machine can switch between the three models easily.

Bottle position correct device

To ensure the bottles and filling nozzles are in the correct position, we add a special bottles position device to make the whole filling process smooth and stable. No bottle no filling.

Filling nozzles

The filling nozzles are specialized made: anti-drop & anti-bubble. Also, the filling nozzles will come into the bottle bottom, and moving up slowly when filling.


The pump uses quick-fit removal Structure: easy cleaning and disinfection.

Technical parameter

Filling material

Bleach ,degreser,floor clean

Filling nozzle


Filling volume


Metering system

Piston pump

Filling speed

400-500 bottles/hour based on 3000ml

Filling speed

1000 bottles/hour based on 1000ml

Filling precision


Air consumption



220/380v  50/60Hz



Single machine noise




Machine size




 3 Cap-rotatingtwist machinewith cap lifter


Overview :The digital elevating screw capping machine is the new capping machine developed by our company. According to the bottle size and shape, the capacity can reach 150/min. PLC control and digitized system make the operation simple, effective. It can work alone, or can be connected to filling machine, labeling machine etc. It is different from batch-type capping machine, and overcomes the disadvantages of low speed, and losely capped, narrow cap range etc. It adopts linear feeding machine, cap falls automatically, uninterrupted capping and other new function. It adopts the lifting scheme to drop caps, which is the most advanced technology in the industry; avoiding the noises of shaking dropping caps, and largely increately the capacity.




Working theory:

 Putting the bottles on the scraping belt which is on the entrance of the machine(or conveyed to the scraping belt from other production line); the bottles  are equidistantly divided by distance setting-up equipment and conveyed into cap falling area. The caps are taken away by bottles when the bottles are clamped to move by the clamping equipment; before screwing the cap, the capping system press the cap to pretighten station, in the force of three pairs of durable rubber wheel which is revolving fastly, the caps are screwed tighten into bottles. In the process of screwing, the parts touching bottles and caps are nonmetal, so avoid the attrition to bottles and caps. It is very short, with low noises and high speed. The automatic cap ordering equipment is the most advanced lifting scheme, and continuous dropping cap, overcoming the disadvantages of old capping machines.




Bottle diameter


Capping size

 Φ20mmΦ80mmthe slide way is customized

Conveying direction

 Left-right(or right-left)


 4000-5000 bottles / hour

 Powder supply














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