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Beyond 6T/H pure /mineral water pre- treatment system

1. Capacity: 6t/h
2. Automatic



Beyond Mineral Water Pure Water Pre-Treatment System 

Are you looking for a good water treatment solution for beverage making, industry or family? Here is the qood choice for you.

Solution for you:
1.water treatment for family use/ beverage processing/ industry
2. capacity : 0.5-20 ton per hour
3. working  :8-22 hour per day.



Multi-medium filter
Model: JDL-6
Vessel Size-Φ2700mm*400*500mm
Material: sus304
Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, valves and so on.
Filter medium: Sand
Usage: When the original water flow through the first feed water pump,the pressure reach 0.3mPa and flow into the mechanical filter which filled with five types of refined arenaceous quartz,at the moment, the floats,turbidity,silt,quick sand which are more than 100um will be retained by the mechanical filter. Vessel
Filtering volume: 6m³/h 

Active carbon filter
Model: CHT-6
Vessel Size-Φ2700mm*850*1150mm  
Material: sus304
Components: Water distributor, water gather, pressure gauge, filter material, valves and so on.
Medium: Shuck shape active carbon
Usage: The water treated by the mechanical filter are less than 100um and then flow into the activated carbon filter which filled with Nut shell activated carbon filter of iodine value more than 900. The activated carbon filter can adsorb the residual chlorine,peculiar smell,and some inorganic salt and organic salt in the water. • The above two steps we call it pretreatment  
Treating volume: 6m³/h

Precision filter
Model: JM-6
Vessel Size-Φ850mm*800*1700mm
Material: SUS304 stainless steel (Food grade )—Made in china
Usage: Then the water flow into a cartridge filter(also we can call it precision filter) of 1um, it filled with five melt spinning cartridge of 40 inches made by PP , the water filtered by it can reach the inlet standard of RO. The melt spinning cartridge need to be exchanged during 3 months. Change one time only need to pay USD10/ pcs.  USD50 for five pcs to put into the cartridge filter.
Treating volume: 6m³/h

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