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How the mineral water filling equipment operates ?

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How the mineral water filling equipment operates ?

  1. To prevent the filter from going into the reverse osmosis device: select the appropriate filter effluent device to prevent the filter leakage activated carbon, select the appropriate activated carbon, to prevent the use of the process of powder. 

  2. To tap water as a source of large pure water production equipment it is best to set up an independent water supply system, so that both can ensure the stable operation of the water supply system, but also can reduce the RO system start and stop when the whole plant water supply network caused by the impact of the moment. The RO device directly from the original water pipe network should be set up in high and low voltage protection facilities, because most of the water pipe network pressure fluctuations.

  3. Should first consider the compatibility between pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical, followed by pharmaceutical and membrane materials. For example, coagulants, bactericides, reducing agents and scale inhibitors are often used in RO systems. Since colloids in natural water are generally negatively charged, positively charged cationic coagulants are commonly used. In order to prevent scaling of the R0 device, almost all of the inlet side of the RO has taken into account the measures of adding the scale inhibitor, which are almost negatively charged. Therefore, it should be avoided that the cationic coagulant reacts with the anionic scale inhibitor to prevent the formation of colloidal compounds from the reaction.

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