The quality and warranty

1. In order to provide customers improve and thoughtful service, eliminating the customer's worries. Our company has established a perfect after-sales service system and effective after-sales service measures, and through a dedicated hotline after-sales service to provide users with satisfactory answers to questions and technical support; and has a service department to conduct regular customer visits. The company currently has more than 10 professional service engineers as a strong after-sales service team, ask your service to provide protection. Our company to you to make subordinate repair service commitment, and in accordance with the requirements of the service commitment to provide you with maintenance services.


The Company warrants that the goods provided are brand new, unused, manufactured with the latest design and suitable materials and in all respects comply with the contractual quality, specifications and performance.


2. The company guarantees that the production line through its correct guidance to install, commissioning in the entire system feeding operation within 5 days, to achieve technical performance indicators.

3. The Company undertakes to be responsible for any defects, faults and damages in the design, process, manufacture, installation, commissioning or material defects provided and all liability arising out of the Seller's responsibility for the production line provided within the warranty period specified in the contract.

4. Quality assurance for the production line acceptance 24 months. If during the quality guarantee period, the quality or specification of the goods is found to be inconsistent with the contractual provisions or if the goods are proved to be deficient (including potential defects or use of unqualified materials, etc.), the buyer is entitled to inspect, according to the inspection certificate issued by the legal department, During the warranty period of the goods, the seller asks for compensation.

5. The company for the mechanical properties of the equipment, product quality and product consumption indicators guarantee.

6. 2 years guarantee and life-long technical support with Free spare part.


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