Among the many companies, Zhangjiagang Beyond Machinery was chosen. After the initial contact, the sales sent the required plan in time, and the technical problem was promptly answered. We were very satisfied. In the process of visiting the company, everything was very thoughtful and the negotiations were pleasant. In the end, we decided to cooperate with Beyond. Even if there are some misunderstanding in the production process of the order, the engineer gave us the best advice as soon as possible. For example, the position of the bottle label needs to be adjusted, so that the labeling machine has the best effect. After the timely communication, the label position of the bottle mold on the blowing machine was modified in time without affecting the production process. Now that the equipment is about to go into production, this is a pleasant cooperation. We are very willing to become an agent of Beyond Machinery in Europe. I believe there will be more cooperation in the future.

Toni Choueiri,Ghana

We have been working with beyond for several years. They are factories, have their own R&D team, can be customized according to the requirements of my customers, the feedback is timely and professional, our customers are very satisfied with the equipment, every cooperation is very happy, we will continue Cooperation.

Alexis Henry Rudolf Tilaar, Indonesia

"In May 2011, we purchased a drinking water filling and packing line from BEYOND. As we are a new start, Beyond help us to design the whole project, from pre-sales proposal confirming, layout design according to our factory, to shipping and installation, even the training and after-sales service...etc. During all process, we see Beyond's professional performance both in quality and services. And now, this line has been in use for nearly 3 years and it is still working very well!"

M. Batenze, Uganda

"BEYOND is a company that cares about the quality of their product, but most important is that they also care about their customers every step of the way and work hard to provide service and training to the customers once the equipment has been installed. As a new start, working with BEYOND really helped me a lot. We have accumulated a lot of experiences."

"We became good partners from now on, and looking forward to next cooperation between us!"

Raja, India

"BEYOND engineers came to teach us operation about the canned beer filling line. During the training, they show all details on how each equipment works. It really saved our time and helped us learn easily. And when we have a question, we can get response and help from BEYOND at any time."

J Pere, Belgium

"We would like to thank BEYOND for installing our juice production line system here at My Factory. It’s hard to find a company that can do a quality juice project complete installation."

"BEYOND installed the juice system on time and with great care. The service provided was very good. BEYOND also help me to find the raw material of juice recipe. The juice tastes good and the system is working great!"

Daniel, Uganda

I wanted to set up my new Water Filling Production Line and I couldn't have met a better match for my business. From day one, they were super attentive to my requirement and needs. Their technical staff provided invaluable support to set up my installation without glitches. The Sales Team made the entire process so smooth. Great Job!

Oleg, Russia

"We met BEYOND in May, 2016. We had been looking for a special bottle filling line for several months, but the few ones I got in touch with never seemed able to meet our mind. Finally, we met BEYOND when google search — sooner we started working together. After reviewing our requirements, Joanna and engineers redesigned their existing machine according to our special layout, sent us a few proposals and, taking great care, created numerous modifications. Most importantly, each modification introduced that special detail that makes all the difference. Needless to say, we are extremely satisfied with the results. Or we would have to build a new factory to hold these machines. Thanks BEYOND, thank you Joanna."

Agaba, Kenya

I want to thank Beyond Machinery for doing an amazing job of customizing and installing our "Juice Filling Line". We were lucky to have met such wonderful people at Beyond who were prompt, professional and receptive to our business needs. The equipment quality is very good and the prices are very reasonable. They have exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to have a long-term relationship with Beyond Machinery.

Joseph, Lebanon

We purchased 5 Gallon Water Bottle Filling Machine and Water Treatment Plant from Beyond Machinery. The technical expertise was exceptional and we were amazed at the results they gave us. They helped us set up the entire water filling and water treatment line, trained us in Do's and Don't of operating the machinery. The Sales team took our requirements and budget into consideration and came up with the optimum solution that really helped us! I want to thank them for all their suuport and wish them all the best!

Matthew, South Africa

After much searching online and finding references, I came across Beyond Machinery. The pace at which they proceeded to serve my business matched my own. They clarified my doubts, helped me in making the right choices for my Water Bottle Filling Equipment. Being a startup I was skeptical about certain quality, layout, details but Beyond filled all those knowledge gaps that I was experiencing. The staff is well trained in all technicalities which gives customer a good experience when they make business purchases. Thanks Joanna for assisting me! Keep up the great work.

David, Thailand

We were thinking of setting up our new Production line for Water Treatment, Filling Machine and Packaging Machine. Beyond Mahinery was the answer to our problem. They turned this difficult and monumental task into an easier one. The Engineers were able to map out requirements and turn it into a reality. The machine quality, performance is up to the mark and I couldn't be more happier with the results. Thanks Beyond!

BL for Australia customer

Australia customer bought one beer can filling seaming machine from us on January, 2017

Taiwo, Nigeria

I am from Nigeria, I have always believed Beyond machinery, For I was in a hurry to need a water filling production line, so I came to their factory to pick the machine, that was a great cooperation, I wish ‘Beyond machinery’ will be better!

Rukman, Indonesia

We are the customers from Indonesia. Our company wants to buy the second juice production line, we have selected a lot of manufacturers, and finally we choose the Beyond. So my colleague and I came to China, and it also didn't disappoint me. From production to installation and commissioning, I am very satisfied with the service provided by Beyond Machinery. I look forward to working with Beyond Machinery again.

Choughari, Lebanon

We invited Joanna, the sales manager to our family for water bottling line on Nov, 2017 while they have other projects in other factory nearby in Lebanon.

Ezzedine, Lebanon

We are the clients from Lebanon, we ordered the water filling production line , then the engineers came to our country to guide us in machine debugging personally , which made us very moved, that let us feel more satisfied with Beyond’s service.

Clara, Indonesia

I have a very high expectation on the quality of the machine, so I was very worried about the quality of the machine. I am very satisfied with the 2 year warranty of the machine. The machine is guaranteed after sale. Therefore, I ordered the 18-6 filling machine from Beyond machinery. From the installation to the commissioning, there are professional engineers who personally guide, very enthusiastic, we will cooperate again.

Fratesi, Argentina

We bought bottle blowing machine and 5 gallon filling machine from ‘Beyond’ in 2016. We came their factory in summer, their enthusiasm like the weather. They introduced the operation method to us,and show machine debugging to us.After professional communication,we continued cooperation.

patel, India

we are an india import company specializing in importing machines from china . I visied more than 12 factories to inspect their quality and management. Finally I and my customer found beyond beer filling seaming machine is the best choice above other suppliers. The team is very professional and they have own technology who can solve the beer foaming and other special requirements which cannot be solved by other suppliers.

Now the machines running smoothly in Calcutta for more than 3 years since 2015. My customer is satisfied with my recommendation.

Lozben, Kazakhstan

We met ‘Beyond’ in May 2018, we were looking for a soda production line that time, due to we had gone to many factories, but the quality couldn’t achieve our requirements, fortunately, we found ‘beyond’, No matter material or our customization requirements, they have a professional sales team to take care of, let us feel at ease

Murlio SJ, India

I am a customer from India. I have been looking for a Chinese partner and I have seen many factories. Beyond the machinery is just one of them at the beginning, but beyond the history of machinery for 12 years, I prefer a more professional factory, so I chose the Beyond Machinery because I want customized the machine and able to meet my requirements after communicating with the responsible person. The machine was running smoothly after the machine was completed.

Martin, Uganda

I am a customer from Uganda. I purchased 8 heads water filling line. . Because my preform and the cover have changed one time, the engineer confirmed with me carefully during that time,for capping machine should changed with cover and waste some time, but in order to give me a perfect filling line, under the premise of ensuring the quality, they speed up the work and help me test the machine before shipping. Therefore, I am very satisfied with the service of beyond machinery.

Kurnauth, Mauritius

I am a customer from Mauritius. I like China very much. Because of the large market of cans beverages recently, I want to buy a can production line. I had came to China twice. It is my second time to beyond machinery in April,2018. The first time I visited I have several factories. The second time I went directly beyond the machinery order. Their enthusiasm and sincerity touched me. I didn’t have any neglect of my attitude because I am not a big factory. I am very satisfied and looking forward to further coopeartion with ‘Beyond’.

Dilshod, Uzbekistan

I am a customer from Uzbekistan. I can speak fluent Chinese language. I can communicate easily with the person in charge of the ‘Beyond’. My uncle let me to purchase one juice bottle filling line. Because our country has a big market for juice, we need to buy the whole production line, I came to the Beyond Factory and saw the machine debugging. The engineer also gave me questions and doubts patiently, including the machine performance. It was a good project visit and I hope that we will cooperate one more time in the future.


I am introduced by customer's friend.Then i bought a 1000bph water filling machine.The machine still runs well after using one year.During the period,they send me parts for free. So i order a 2000bph water filling machine based on 5L bottles again.They also add a ultraviolet ray on the filling heads according to my suggestions.They are really great and i will cooperate with them all the time.


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