5 Gallon Barrel Water Filling Machine Shipped to Russia

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Beyond 5 gallon barrel water filling machine has been sent to Russia days ago. The machine accepted the machine test and confirmed by customer before delivery. we will introduce 5 gallon water filling machine works principle and features as below:

Ultra Series Features:

  • One operator capability

  • Automatic washing, filling and capping

  • Comprehensive wash and sterilization, longest in industry

  • NSF Certified

  • Non Contact 2 stage fill system provides accurate fill levels

  • Automatic hopper, sorter and delivery system included

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction

  • Can be set up for any voltage

  • High Speed Bottling Systems: 450 - 3000 Bottles Per Hour output

From  China to Russia, Beyond has provided high speed 3/5 gallon bottling solutions for dozens of name brand companies.

Flexibility in design, proven technology, long-lasting dependability and ease of maintenance are just some of the features that make Beyond high speed bottling systems the finest in the industry.

Fully automated washer systems

  • Standard or custom wash configurations

  • Static and inserting spray technology available

  • Fully automated filler systems in linear and rotary configurations

  • Non-contact filling

  • Proven capping technology on every system

  • High quality construction conveyor available in many configurations

  • Standard and custom designed layouts to meet your requirements

  • Automated material handling and quality control can be added easily