5L Water Filling Machine on Its Way to Saudi Arabia

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Last week, we finished one order of Saudi Arabia.


Our customer placed an order of 5L water filling machine early this year. The capacity is 2000bph. This machine type is automatic and has one year warranty. Also,we have CE, SES certification. Main body is stainless steel. In addition, our price is competitive. We have good quality and competitive price. The capacity production is efficient. So it passed customer’s test smoothly. Now it is on it is during transit.


As follows is the machine packaging photo. We wrapped the machine carefully. No need to concerned about crash. We will make it be safely sent to Saudi Arabia.

5L Water Filling Machine on Its Way to Saudi Arabia



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As to our service, we offer 15 months quality guarantee after installation. Wearing parts will be offered for free. Other parts will be offered at the lowest price. During this 15 months, the technician of your company should operate and maintain the machine according to our demand and debug some failures in case there will be unnecessary malfunctions.


We will guide you online or by phone if you could not solve some problems. If the problems still can not be solved, we will sent our technician to your company and help you. We will tell you the cost of this service.


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