Automatic Opp hot glue labeling machine is environment friendly

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A bottle of mineral water needs many processes to be produced from PET preform machine to automatic sleeve shrink wrapping machine, Opp hot glue labeling machine is one of many processes.  it belongs to beverage packing machines.

As would be expected, soft drinks account for 86.88 percent of the PET market share. But alcohol now represents 2.45 percent of PET usage. Until recent years alcohol has traditionally been packed in elaborate glass bottles. This migration to PET is a growing trend for mid-price sake and whiskeys. Cosmetics are also a relatively new product to find a use for PET—it now represents 2.33 percent of the total PET package shipments.


Interestingly, water and beverage have been migrating to PET, away from rigid HDPE and flexible pouches, both of which attract the ¥40/kg fee. As technology drives PET weights down and gives it similar performance characteristics to flexibles, the trend is now towards PET to reduce brand owner and converters’ legal exposure to the fee-based Extended Producer Responsibility recycling regulations.

The shampoo and detergent industry used just 2,625 tons of PET packaging in 2007, and despite global economic meltdowns, earthquakes, and the Tsunamis, the current 2012 data shows a massive shift in consumption of more than 11,102 tons of PET.


As with previous years, Japan's packaging industry is grappling with massive internal shifts in consumer buying patterns. Who would have thought 10 years ago that detergents or even cosmetics packed in easy-to-recycle PET would have found acceptance amongst Japan's status-conscious female consumers? By the same token, the cosmetics sector is steadily taking advantage of the cheaper locally sourced pure clear recovered PET waste stream and making inroads into ramping up the use of R-PET in a range of applications that not only match consumers’ high-quality expectations, but carry a powerful environmental statement. And besides, since it is already a recycled material, R-PET attracts a zero Recycling Fee.