Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Vs Semi-Auto Shrink Wrapping Machine

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The efficiency as well as consistency of the products is some of the essential elements of successful packaging. Nowadays, the increase in demand as well as inconsistency with the use of hand for wrapping is making people to shift to the use of shrink wrapping machine. However, most people are still having challenges with the selection of shrink wrapping machine which is suitable for their operations.

The kind of wrapping machine which is suitable for each company depends on their operation. Moreover, they need to know the difference between semi and fully automatic shrink wrappers and also know the distinctive benefits of each one of them. This content would provide detail explanation on each one of them so that you can select the most appropriate type for your project.

semi-auto shrink wrapper vs. fully auto shrink wrapper

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines

A semi-automatic wrapping machine may be the best for you if you are handling low volume applications. These types of machine provide a safe method through which loads can be unitized while providing a competent pallet load to fulfill the demand of your customers. In the case of semi-automatic machine, an operator is required to place the pallet loads on the shrink wrapper and apply the film tail to the load so as to initiate the cycle. Once this is done, the stretch wrapper would apply the film and also wraps the pallet load.

These kinds of low volume applications are mostly used in low volume applications which have less than 20 loads being wrapped per hour. You can also justify the purchase of stretch wrapper if you would need to wrap 10 pallets per hour.

There are three major types of semi-automatic shrink wrapping machines. So as to determine the type which is best for you, the key features and functions of each has been listed below:

Low Profile Turntable Shrink Wrapper: 

This kind of wrapper is perfect for pallet jack operation and the machines are designed with the turntable positioned in less than 3 inches from the floor. The use of a ramp, pallet jack can easily place loads on this series.

High profile Turntable Shrink Wrappers: 

This machine is specially designed for forklift loaded applications. When compared with the low profile turntable shrink wrappers, this turntable provides easier loading as well as positioning access because it is elevated. Poor pallets also do not end up dragging on the machine frame as can happen on a low profile system.

Overhead Rotary Arm Shrink Wrappers: 

This kind are designed for unstable or heavy pallet loads and the wrappers would allow the loads to be easily wrapped while stationary on the floor. Three mounting configurations are available: Wall Mount, Floor Mount as well as Free Standing Gantry.

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines

The automatic stretch wrapping machine does not require any operator during the processing cycle. Loads are typically brought to the machine on a conveyor belt so that the machine can automatically start the wrapping process. The fully automatic shrink wrappers interprets the height of each pallet load to the film carriage and ensure a professional as well as efficient wrap is achieved. The film can then be cut and sealed to the pallet load which exists the wrapping cycles to make room for other loads.