Automatic Water Bottling Machine and Its Applications in Various Processes

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The bottled water is a complex process that very high standards required to be properly performed professionally done. When we talk about water bottling, many issues arise, such as hygiene, safety and contamination: for the process to be carried out successfully, only the best machines available in the market should be used.

The process and applications of bottling water includes three or four steps, depending on whether it produces carbonated water or not:

Cleaning: cleaning empty bottles is probably the most important step in bottling water. The reason is simple: proper cleaning is the only way to ensure the hygiene and safety of the water that is being bottled. It would be a serious mistake to sterilize the water before bottling, and to contaminate it just in the final process of production. Therefore, the automatic bottling machines also helps in the cleaning process with the quality machines made only with the best materials, resistant to rust and corrosion and that can be sterilized whenever necessary.

water filling machine 3 in 1

Filling: filling bottles with water is undoubtedly the goal of any water bottling plant. This process is quite simple: the bottles are taken by the tweezers, while the nozzles located above them pour the water into them. If you decide to bottle the water only in glass, the better to concentrate on a machine specifically designed for glass bottles; On the other hand, this same suggestion is valid if it is only decanted by PET bottles. On the other hand, if you choose to produce both glass and PET bottles, you can rely on a machine that supports these two possibilities.

Saturation: this process is included in the bottling of water only if it must produce water with gas. They include a saturation unit that extracts air from the water and carbonate with a device that directly injects the CO2 into the liquid.

Capping: it is the final step of bottling water. The bottles are moved to a stopper machine that puts a stopper in each of them and seals the water in a protected atmosphere. After plugging, the water is ready for commercialization and sale locally or on a large scale.

Most beverage filling machine companies offer different cutting-edge water bottling machine and plant solutions, which can be expanded and customized to fit the size and needs of any industry. Knowing these facts in mind too would be a great guide in case you need to purchase one.