Beverage packaging will bring new challenges

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New designs for beverage filling bottles are easy to attract the customers, more and more liquid filling companies plan to invite famous artist for designing their water bottle or glass bottle labels. when it comes to beverage brands looking to stand out on store shelves, beverage-makers want consumers to do just that. Brand owners are using secondary packaging to enhance brand visibility while reducing environmental impact, experts say.

In the craft beer segment, glass bottle packaging remains a strong packaging format. With information from an worldwide survey, the Arlington, Va.-based Glass Packaging Institute created an infographic highlighting the benefits that glass packaging can offer to craft brewers. Although suppliers are innovating emerging packaging materials, like pouches and cartons, glass, aluminum and plastic, namely PET, continue to remain dominant in the beverage industry. In addition to the product protection that these packages provide, they’re also offering beverage-makers several other benefits.

Among the traits that these packaging materials have is sustainability. Although they differ in their overall carbon footprints, glass, aluminum and plastic packaging formats offer sustainable benefits that consumers easily recognize, experts note. Today’s consumers arguably are more engaged with a beverage’s packaging than ever before, increasingly reading ingredient lists and Nutrition Facts labels and researching products on their mobile phones before purchasing in the store, while at the same time engaging with brands on the Internet. This interaction, along with the proliferation of products on store shelves, continues to solidify the relationship between a beverage brand and its packaging. 

This is also a challenge to beverage/liquids filling machine suppliers in machinery technology update and research. Beyond will continue the way to pursue  "Beyond".