Beyond debugged the barrel water filling machine for Lebanon customer

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For bulk cargo exporting and importing business, most concerned problem is the after-sales service for buyers oversea.  Legal service agreements involving the import of old works of bulk cargoes, after-sales service agencies or product liability service commitment, after-sale service agencies qualifications or business license, the original use of local agencies or their authorized agencies issued Annual inspection reports, records of the use and maintenance of bulk cargoes per project, relevant user manuals and recent photos. for most liquids filling machine manufacturers, they will shoot pictures and video for the customers after test the machine works well before delivery. this is regular job for them.

From 14th-23th Nov 2017, Beyond sent our engineer to Lebanon to help customer debug the bareel 5L water filling machine production line, and our engineer stayed there for 10 days, communicated with the local customers engineer and buyers about the machine running situation and gave them  better guide about the barrel water filling machine maintenance instruction guide facility. then they will fix the problems by themselves  in the next time.

Manufacturers are looking towards the aseptic solution for packaging consumable items, and dosing and filling machine provides this solution by prohibiting microbial entry by using electrometric flow metes. Liquids like, water, juices, wine etc. are weighed and filled by using specials filling valves, and this eliminates the possibility of bubble formation, and fills bottles at a faster rate. These feature of dosing and filling machines further drives the market. Dosing and filling machines are widely used in construction industry for filling cement, gravel, stones etc. this further extents dosing and filling machine market.

Maintenance of filling machines from Beyond quality guarantee time is 2 years for the small spare parts and other after sales service like debugging machines and other requests. for Lebanon customers cares about the maintenance and repair problems we offered  perfect solution to you in any time as long as you contact us in time. barrel water filling machine worked well as ever when we get ready to leave from Lebanon,  we look forward customers come and visit us for another beverage filling machine production line for factory expasion.