Bottle blowing machine market evolving technology trends

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Plastic water bottles. These three words name one of the most common things you can find in an urban setting. After all, they’re a cheap, effective, and reliable way of storing water for use and transport.

Ranging from sizes that could easily fit in your pocket to sizes you’d need a vehicle to transport it, it’s safe to say, these bottles are one of the more frequent uses of plastic, and with global population on the rise, one would not be surprised to see the global market for the machines that make these bottles on the rise too.

In fact, the industry, currently valued at around $2 billion has been expected to make the growth of 3% over the next couple of years, which is no small feat. Here are the trends in the market as they stand as of today. Who knows how much we’ll improve it in the coming years?

Types of machines used

The machines commonly used, manufactured and sold on the market today differ by their work, i.e., what specific process they use to make the bottles from the plastic pumped into them. The most common of these types available in the market today are the extrusion-blowing machines, injection blowing machines, and injection stretch blowing machines.

While each method of making bottles has its pros and cons, it seems the global trend today is more inclined towards the injection blowing process, with it having more than 40% of the market share. However, it is interesting to note that the use of the injection stretch blowing machines is on a steady rise, while extrusion blowing machines are slowly going out of style, valuable information for those looking to invest in the market. There also appears to be a move towards fully automatic machines, slowly but surely making the semi-automatic machines still in operation obsolete.

The materials being used

Not all plastic is created equal, and it seems most of the industry today prefer to use Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for their needs, despite the presence of other materials to choose from like polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

This is because the market has realized PET’s advantages over its competitors, what with it being more flexible, durable and reliable, qualities which justify PET bottle blowing machines’ (in round PET bottle blowing machines and square PET bottle blowing machines varieties) 60% share of the market.

Industries employing this technology

Still, the bottle making industry would have no use of their product if there was no one to buy it, which is why other industries that act as clients to this industry are so important in making it grow. And among all the industries that find a use for plastic bottles, like the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & personal care, household to name a few, none provide a greater customer base than the food and beverage industry.

Geographical distribution

When it comes to the bottle blowing industry, there’s a market for it in all the major continents of the world, a finger in every pie. It is also interesting to note that the market is larger in the area dense with population, like China, the largest importer of plastic bottles, which makes sense since these are the places with the biggest number of customers.

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