Development of Sterile Orange Juice Filling Machine

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Orange juice bottling companies have grown over the years and a lot of developments that aid faster production for the growth and scale of businesses have been invented. One of which is the automated filling machines which helps to fill containers with orange juice content.

There have been some developments however, on the size, efficiency, environmental safety, ease of usage of orange juice filling machine. These machines generally can fill several cans of juice depending on the scale of the businesses.


The first filling system for aseptic container bottle

It occupies 50% less space than a line of aseptic containers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET, for its acronym in English).

Thanks to the technology of injection molding, the packaging presents an exclusive upper part in the form of a bottle.

Automatic supply of materials

Material supplied in compact coils that are replaced automatically when they are empty

Since the carton packs are manufactured inside the machine, customers can enjoy all the advantages offered by the efficiency of distribution and storage of the material for packaging fed by coil. When the reels and strips of packaging material are empty, they are automatically replenished, so it is not necessary to stop the machine to carry out the replenishments.


Molded covers

Allows the creation of exclusive bottle-shaped containers

Inside the machine, the packaging material is cut into sheets that will be used to make individual packages. They are wrapped around a mold and then sealed to create the cover. This method of molding offers a uniform and precise design, to which the exclusive upper part in the form of a bottle can be applied.

Aseptic camera

The process in three stages guarantees the sterility of the container

The container is sterilized in the aseptic chamber in three stages. First, the container is preheated; then, it is sterilized with hydrogen peroxide gas; and, finally, it is ventilated with sterile air to eliminate all the gas and prepare the packaging of the product.

Filling by steps

Filling process in four stages to minimize foam formation

The sterilized container is entered in the step-filling section of the machine, where it is filled with the product in four stages, in order to reduce foam production. As the system has few moving parts, the air flow is not interrupted, resulting in a reliable and high-quality filling process.