Do you know the deployment process of fruit juice ?

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Do you know the deployment process of fruit juice ?

On April 15, 1946, the first batch of frozen orange juice was shipped from the "Sunshine State" Florida, and the modern juice manufacturing industry was born. In 2004, it was successfully promoted into the Chinese beverage market. At that time, China's beverage market entered the era of fruit juice drinks after experiencing the era of carbonated beverages, drinking water, and tea beverages. The Meijuyuan fruit oranges immediately whipped up a flesh in China. "The whirlwind" changed the marketing pattern of the juice market at that time. The author is also drinking fruit orange "grow up"!


What the author is telling you today is a very important link in the juice production line – the deployment system.

The deployment system is mainly composed of the following equipment:

Sugar pot

Dissolving and disinfecting juice, heating cooking and keeping warm, is a new type of melting heating equipment. The pot body is composed of a cylindrical stainless steel inner tube head to form a heat transfer sandwich. The outside is polished with stainless steel and the surface is beautiful. The dissolved material and cold water are placed in the pot and the steam is passed into the sandwich for the purpose of heating and melting. Pressure-into-safety valves are installed on the pipes that communicate with the mezzanine to measure the pressure in the mezzanine and ensure safe production.


Hot and cold cylinder


Hot and cold cylinders have the advantages of energy saving, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, and easy cleaning.

Used to store finished juice and keep warm.

Double filter


Double filters are also called double switch filters. It is connected in parallel by two sets of stainless steel filters. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, good sealing, strong circulation ability, convenient operation, etc. It is a multi-functional filter device with a wide range of applications and strong adaptability. Especially the small leak rate of the filter bag can guarantee the filter accuracy and can quickly replace the filter bag. The consumption of bar material reduces operating costs.

Vacuum degasser


Removes air (oxygen) from the feed liquid, inhibits oxidation of browning, pigments, vitamins, aroma components, and other substances to prevent degradation of quality; removes suspended particulate gases adhering to the feed liquid, suppresses particulate floating, and maintains a good appearance; Foaming during canning and high temperature sterilization affects sterilization; improves the appearance of the product and reduces the corrosion of the inner wall of the container.

High pressure homogenizer


Through the reciprocating motion of the three plungers, the material to be processed is sent to the homogenizing valve in a high pressure manner, so that the material flows through the minute gap between the valve disc and the valve seat and is subjected to the action of compound forces such as a series flow, a cavity, shearing, etc. to achieve homogenization. The purpose of emulsification.

Ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer


1. Continuous production makes sterilization time shorter;

2. Due to the high temperature in a short time, the product quality is excellent;

3. Ultra-high temperature sterilization effect is ideal;

4. The use of centrifugal pumps and high pressure homogenizer connection, a wide range of applications, for the sterilization of high viscosity materials.

5. The heat exchanger in the design can use waste heat, so steam consumption is small.