Entering the "World" of Mechanical Packaging and Exploring the "Story" of Film Charter Machine

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Entering the "World" of Mechanical Packaging and Exploring the "Story" of Film Charter Machine

What is a film charter?

Film packaging machine, full name is shrink film packaging machine, Baidu Encyclopedia on the introduction of the product is wrapped with heat shrinkable film and then heated, so that the film shrinks the product tightly wrapped up.

This comment is too general. The author takes you to see the story and listen to the "story."

First of all, the film charter is like this


Next, it works like this(click it)

Mainly divided into the following sections:

Film Wrap: Transfer the finished bottle to the front while pressing one end of the film under the bottle, and the other end wraps around the bottle for one week and returns to the bottom of the bottle to complete the package from the bottle.

Main drive: It is the benchmark for all the actions of the machine. The main function is to send the packaged form of the last process to the filming area.

On the film: As the name implies, the film is unrolled from the film roll and sent to the filming area.

Into the bottle and divided the bottle: The bottle into the machine to achieve the separation.

Heat Shrinking Furnace: The key part of the machine (that is, the “dark dark house”) is where the plastic film on the wrapped bottle is electrically heated and tightened to the package according to the heat shrinkage of the film. In this way, the entire package is completed.

In the end, why should Zhangjiagang choose a film machine that surpasses the machinery?

1. Using the world's most advanced film thermostatic sealing technology, the seal is clear and firm;

2. Fast sealing cooling structure ensures high sealing strength under high speed production conditions;

3. The use of PLC program automatic cycle control, stable and reliable performance;

4. Imported guide rod cylinder ensures accurate movement and durability;

5. Induction switch control film feeding system, reliable control of the length of the film, reduce losses;

6. All transmissions are frequency control, smooth and smooth conveying;

7. Unique heat shrinkage channel, hot air circulation system, uniform heat balance, firm and beautiful shrinkage;

8. Three-layer insulation treatment, good insulation performance, rapid heating, energy conservation;

9. Enhanced cooling stereotyped channels, can quickly become high-strength packaging film, convenient storage and transportation;

10. It is easy to adjust the packaging combination and bottle type when changing, and it can realize the function of multiple machines.