Features and Application of Pure Water Filling Production Line

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Pure water filling machine line operation is guided by advanced programmable PLC intelligent control, man-machine , equipped with a flat-panel interface, easy to understand  for users, design of touch screen  to complete the operation of the filling machine control, governors are easy to the mainstream stepless speed control, the "selector switch" placed in the "automatic" state position, click the "start switch" button to control the drive motor AC contactor pull, the machine began to work. According to the actual demand in the case of no more than speed, speed regulation. In the production of beverage production season, make an ideal adjustment, the loss of power consumption can achieve maximum control.

Pure water filling machine uses advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, wind can be used to blow, with the host inverter to make the bottle run more stable and reliable. Photoelectric detection of the operation of the various components, so a high degree of automation is easy to operate. On this basis, the sealing method can be optional aluminum metal security cover and plastic cover. Is the ideal choice for beverage manufacturers equipment.

Pure water production line transmission pipeline, a large enough diameter, can withstand the strong pressure brought by the pump push water, while ensuring that the amount of water can keep up with the device water. Material 304 stainless steel, the use of rust for a long time, reducing the replacement rate of replacement pipes.

Pure water filling production line is suitable for (PET plastic bottle) beverage filling, machine design in accordance with national health standards, combined with oversea advanced technology, Mechanical operation of the machine in accordance with the principle of mechanical design, so that Pet pp bottles,  bottle cover work components can rotate unanimously. Production line to maintain long term stability. Turbine pure water production line installed at the mouth rotation system, the use of machinery to a certain period of time, the oil is consumed about the same time, by opening the filler bottom cover, find the corresponding filling Road, the quantitative oil poured into the oil, start the equipment to turn the turbine, the equipment to restore the original efficiency.