Glass bottle beer filling machine line for a brewery plant

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Beer filling machine line for Jinan brewery plant, the machine of specifications as below:

12 heads beer canning machine

6 head capping machine

Split  beer filling machine for glass bottle

Capacity: 2000 BPH (bottle per hour) based on 330ml glass bottle

Package: non-fumigation, package with film and carton box

This is whole beer filling machine for brewery plant.  the machine capacity, speed can be customized according to the customer plant scale. 


Brewery plant building turn-key solution:

Brewery construction costsThe first step in determining where to brew is to decide if you can find an existing location that meets your needs. Plumbing, electric and whether the ceilings are high enough are all considerations for brewing space. A commercial builder who has experience with the industry can conduct a retrofit of an existing building or landmark. If ceilings are too low to get your necessary equipment even into the premises, for example, the concrete slabs that comprise the flooring could be torn out and re-poured. Other upgrades to your potential space could be:


Water supply and plumbing

Electrical power

Mechanical requirements

Tasting space or taproom

Brewery Budgeting 

Start-up costs are part of any company's inception. What's unique about the brewing industry is the tremendous amount of paperwork, taxes and regulation that accompanies it. It's crucial for new breweries to open with ample working capital beyond the initial start-up costs. One of the key factors is to consider future growth. It's much more expensive on the back end to realize your brewing facility is too small to promote production than it is during the initial planning and construction phase to acknowledge unused space (also known as nonproductive floor space) and being intentional about needed square footage requirements for operation today and in the future.

One of the things they learned is to tell others on the same journey to take the amount of money forecasted and multiply by 1.25 to grant that cushion for all the unforeseens of construction and equipment obtaining.  The resounding theme was planning and accommodating growth. Other topics included retrofitting. No matter what the issue, it seemed the majority of brewers on a national level remarked of the importance of raising capital.


Partnering with a Cost-Saving Construction Professional 

Just because someone is great at brewing beer doesn't mean the rest of the brewery business will come as naturally. A construction project that affects so much of your company's bottom line should be left to the professionals. Experience in the industry is helpful because brewery construction differs so much from other retail or hospitality projects. Consider a space that has to be large and industrious enough to potentially brew, bottle, barrel, package, ship and serve while possessing enough aesthetic appeal to encourage patronage. While offering space, restrooms and license to serve food, if desired. It can be complicated, which is why it's best to find the best construction partner for the undertaking. We had to learn that industry from the ground up, and became quite familiar with the lingo including barrel fermentors, trench drain, and glycol chillers. It just goes to show that with a good construction partner, you can brew good beer just about anywhere. Speaking of good beer, another local company who knows a thing or two about craft beer, and they've served over 4.5 million customers in their lifetime.

During the initial planning and design phase, explores all sustainable and green building options while providing cost saving suggestions at every turn. We have an established network of local bidders who know our communities and have vested interests in supporting local business, like breweries. We'll have an on-site superintendent who will remain on-site until the project wraps. This allows for the bidding process to be clear, concise and without surprises and for the project's build to stay on target and on budget. Craft beer brewers are passionate.