Have you noticed the small details of the two meeting of People's Republic of China?

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Have you noticed the small details of the two meeting of People's Republic of China?

From March 3, the 13th session of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference opened and the first session of the 13th National People's Congress ended on March 20. The two sessions lasted 18 days. It can be said that these two months are being screened by the two sessions.

In this age when the whole people advocated environmental protection, the mineral water bottles during the two sessions once fired!

Let's take a look at this "magic" bottle



Praise this little detail!

In fact, some mineral water brands have already had similar attempts. Just because various problems have not been popularized. Many netizens have suggested that all beverages and mineral waters come from the factory with such labels! Not only health, environmental protection, but also free creation!

Zhangjiagang Beyond Machinery Co., Ltd. newly introduced automatic hot-melt adhesive labeling machine, this machine is suitable for round, square, flat, oval and other bottle pearl film, OPP film and other peripheral labeling. The equipment replaced the low-efficiency manual labeling method, which greatly improved the production efficiency and thus improved the market competitiveness. This series of hot melt adhesive labeling machines use new environmentally friendly materials such as OPP film to minimize the cost. Starting from another point, the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials is a trend in the field of product processing.

Below is our product video:

Rotary hot melt adhesive labeling machine

This machine uses aluminum alloy and stainless steel, making the overall structure of the machine more robust and durable. In the performance of the machine is more modular, user-friendly design makes the adjustment easier, in the control system using man-machine interface control, easy to learn and understand.

Product style

opp-hot-glue-rotary-labeling-machine1.jpghot glue labeling machine

Labeling Process

Into the bottle → positioning → detection → cutting label →adsorption label→ Sizing→ labeling → assisted → out of the bottle




The label supply method adopts servo motor synchronous tracking and cutting, with specially designed vacuum drum, high-speed adsorption label , precision and stability.


AC three-phase frequency conversion control, with PLC and synchronous tracking control system, maintain the accuracy of label cutting regardless of high speed or low speed.


The use of electric eyes to detect the feeding conditions, according to the production line ,  automatically adjust the speed of labeling, it can fully achieve the consistency of the production line.


The desigh of the system safety device, when the torque is abnormal or the feeding is abnormal, the system will stop immediately to ensure the use life and operation safety of the equipment