High Quality Blowing Machine with Perfect Form From Top China Mfg

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High Quality Blowing Machine with Perfect Form From Top China Mfg 

Our lives are inseparable from the plastic products, careful observation around the plastic water bottles, plastic toys, plastic boxes, etc., are made of plastic, plastic products surrounded our lives. There is no doubt that this plastic product, which is famous for its portability, portability and plasticity, has occupied all the fields in our life. The reason why plastic products can be widely used, but also benefit from the machine made of it, that is, plastic blow molding machine. As its name implies, this plastic blow molding machine is the use of its shape and strong the invention of this principle, the production of plastic raw materials into our daily lives, make it shine, the application of plastic blow molding machine rich While our life, but also to facilitate our lives.

Another application of plastic blow molding machine is reflected in the field of food, in this area, we will be more easy to find the big role of plastic blow molding machine, that is, for many food and beverage load is enormous. We can easily conclude that the bottles of mineral water we buy every day are made of plastic, and that some of the boxes that contain eggs, cheese and cheese are made of plastic. Taking bottled mineral water as an example, because it is the most typical, bottled mineral water has always been popular with everyone due to its lightness and hygiene. It has a certain status in the market. Another bottle water bottle is a masterpiece of plastic blow molding machine, it is in our life is splendid, the use is quite extensive, and has been loved and recognized by everyone, so far not bad.
   In recent years, with the development of domestic plastic bottle market, plastic blow molding machine industry has also been rapid development. Benefit from the expansion of market demand, blow molding machine manufacturing enterprises have begun to focus on this market, the current domestic bottle blow molding machine brand in the market gradually increased gradually recognized by the market.

 Blow molding machine is a blow molding process to make plastic particles into a hollow container equipment, the more common models include the use of PP and PE one-shot hollow blow molding machine, the use of PET, PC or PP twice molding Injection stretch blow molding machine, as well as the newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding.

At present, most of the bottle blowing machines are still two-step bottle blowing machines, that is, plastic raw materials must be made into preforms and then blown. Today's commonly used is the PET material of environmentally friendly plastic. Blow molding machine: the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the use of the wind blowing machine, blowing the plastic body to a certain shape of the cavity, which made the product, this machine is called the blow molding machine; also blowing machine One is the hydraulic blow molding machine. Thermoplastic resin extruded or injection-molded tubular plastic parison, hot (or heated to a softened state), placed in the mold, the mold closed immediately after the introduction of compressed air in the parison, the plastic parison blow Expansion and close to the mold wall, after cooling demoulding, that is, a variety of hollow products.

Here we talk about the process:

First, warm up

The preform (embryo) by infrared high-temperature lamp irradiation, the preform (embryo) blank (embryo) body heating soften, in order to maintain the shape of the bottle, preform (embryo) mouth is not heated, and therefore need a certain The cooling device to its cooling operation.

Second, blowing molding

In this stage, the already pre-heated preform is placed in a blow-molding already done and the high-pressure air is inflated to blow the preform into the desired bottle.

Bottle blowing machine on the market generally divided into two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic. Fully automatic blow molding machine through the operation of the manipulator will blow the two operations together to complete, eliminating the need for manual pre-heating preform (embryo) into the blowing process. Greatly speed up the production rate, of course, the price is higher than the semi-automatic.

I learned that Zhangjiagang Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangsu beyond the introduction of plastic bottle production equipment, relative to the old machine blower machine footprint smaller, per unit of time and energy efficiency of higher productivity. From the previous button-type computer to the man-machine interface control, the operation more convenient and simple. Modular design makes it easy to change molds and repair. Energy use is low, increase production capacity is more competitive in your business, can be blown pet material of various water bottles, oil bottles, medicine bottles, fruit juice, tea, seasoning cans, carbonated drinks, cosmetic bottles and other packaging tools . The author believes that the current plastic blow molding machine industry is good, manufacturing enterprises should adhere to the principle of science and technology, quality-oriented, and constantly provide domestic and foreign industries with advanced technology, stable performance, speed, reduce pollution, high degree of automation Bottle equipment machinery.