How A China Mfg Company Improves The Quality and Safety of Your Water Bottles?

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Qualified food plastic water bottles should all be made of food grade plastic raw materials, the main raw material composition is PET. These food-grade food plastic bottles can not withstand high temperatures, the need to use at low temperatures, generally below 70 degrees is the safest. These food plastic bottles should be a one-time use, the state regulations businesses can not be recycled. For some people like to use when the kettle, he is not recommended. Because the plastic generated harmful substances when encountered high-temperature water, it will dissolve out into the water. And repeated use of food plastic bottle products, but also fail to health indicators. During the first filling, the enterprises conducted stringent disinfection, cleaning and sterilization procedures on food plastic water bottles. Consumers repeatedly used plastic food water bottles without any hygienic and unsafe hygiene procedures.

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Triangle plastic product is the recovery of identification, which is equivalent to plastic ID card. The triangle formed by the three arrows means that the water bottle's material can be recycled for reuse, but this does not mean that it can be reused. Wang Wang, deputy secretary-general of the Recycled Committee of China Plastics Association, said the numbers are from 1 to 7, and each number represents a type of information. If the finished product is made of several different materials, its main information is marked. Marking different numbers is easy for classification and recovery, and water bottle ‘is not safe’ does not matter.


Today, I will focus on a few aspects. First of all, is the safe operation of water bottle workshop. Because the water bottle processing machine used in blow molding machine needs some basic operating common sense. However, many of our small water bottle factories often do not train workers. Some workers are not highly educated. If safety problems arise during the processing, the latter problems may be fatal to these small water bottle factories. Therefore, to enhance awareness of safety in the production of water plastic bottles in the process of regulating the operation needs constant attention. Secondly, it is the fire prevention awareness of the water bottle site. We all know that water bottles are flammable. We often see in the news plastic products manufacturers have been burned because of the fire nothing. Many of our water bottle manufacturers in the production of water bottles, before the delivery, there will be stacked in the middle of the process. This time you need special attention to fire prevention, in the event of a fire, water bottle manufacturers are also deadly.

In short, to do a water bottle processing plant which involves a variety of safety issues, we need some new manufacturers to take preventive measures, the only way to long-term business to do. Water bottle manufacturers must pay attention to safety issues, so as to better carry out their work, I hope everyone in the production must pay attention to safety issues, so that it will develop better and better.