How is beyond machine’s strict mechanical delivery process

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First: Stocking

The main check of stocking contents are as follows:

1,The quality of goods, specifications, according to the requirements of the contract to verify. The company is located in:

2, The number of goods: to ensure that the number of contracts or letters of credit to meet the requirements. The company is located in:

3, Stocking time: According to the provisions of the letter of credit, combined with the sailing schedule, in order to facilitate the convergence of cargo.

4、Stock list:

Automatic Caps Removing Machine
Automatic Interior Washing Machine 
Automatic External Washing Machine
Film Shrinking Machine For Bottle Neck

Filling Machine


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Second: The packaging

Different packaging requirements of their packaging are different. The company is located in:

1,The general export packaging standards: According to the general standards of trade exports for packaging. The company is located in:

2, Special export packaging standards: According to the special requirements of customers for export goods packaging.

3, The packaging of goods and marks (transport signs): should be carefully checked and verified to make it consistent with the provisions of the letter of credit.


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Third: Customs clearance procedures

Clearance procedures extremely cumbersome and extremely important, such as can not be successfully closed the transaction can not be completed.

1, A statutory inspection of export commodities to do inspection certificate of export commodities.

The company is located in:

At present, China's import and export commodities inspection has four main links:

The company is located in:

A. Accept the inspection: inspection is the foreign trade relations inspection agencies reported to the inspection.

B. Sampling: After receiving the inspection report, the commodity inspection authorities promptly dispatched personnel to go to the cargo storage site for on-site inspection and appraisal. The company is located in:

C. Inspection: After receiving the inspection report, the inspection agency should carefully study the inspection items declared and determine the inspection contents. And carefully review the contract (letter of credit) on the quality, specifications, packaging requirements, clarify the basis for testing to determine the test standards and methods. (Test methods are sampling, instrumental analysis test, physical test, sensory test, microbiological test, etc.)

D. Issuance of certificates: In the aspect of export, all export commodities included in the "type list" shall be issued a release order (or stamp of release on the "Declaration of Exported Goods") in place of the release order ).

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The company is located in:

2. Customs clearance procedures shall be handled by the Customs with the professional personnel holding the declaration, the bill of lading, the invoice, the power of attorney of the customs declaration, the verification form of export settlement, the copy of the export goods contract and the export commodity inspection certificate.

The company is located in:

A. Box list is provided by the exporter export packing details. The company is located in:

B. Invoice is provided by the exporter to prove the export product.

C. Customs declaration is not the declaration of power units or individuals entrusted customs brokers to declare the certificate.

D. Export verification form from the export unit to the foreign exchange administration to apply, refers to the export capacity of the export tax rebate unit to obtain a document.

E. The commodity inspection certificate is obtained after passing inspection by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine department or its designated inspection agency and is the collective name of various import and export commodity inspection certificates, appraisal certificates and other certificates. It is a valid document with legal basis that all parties involved in foreign trade perform contractual obligations and handle claims disputes, arbitration disputes, litigation cases and proofs. It is also a necessary proof for customs clearance of customs duties, collection of tariffs and preferential tariff reduction.

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