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Sure you acknowledge the fact that water remains one indispensable liquid used for hydration by virtually everything that is alive. As important as water is, many people have learned also the importance of having water handy at everywhere and at every time.


Due to the need for a handy source of water for hydration, water production companies have deemed it fit to use PET bottles for the production and packaging of water in different sizes for use by consumers.


Typically of such sizes of bottles is the 5L water bottle which is designed to cater for the need of consumers with a large water consumption populace. No doubt, this will also reduce the level of waste generated from smaller sizes of PET bottles used in the production of water.


More so, PET bottles have been so chosen to carry out this function due to its non-toxic component compared to other plastic product that may drain off toxic substances into the water especially when it is kept for a longer period of time.


Stages in Processing 5L Bottled Water

The processes involved in the production of 5L bottled water can be grouped into 2 broad groups thus:


  • Water Purification Steps

Whatever the source of a bottled water may be, there is the need to subject such water to some stages of purification. This will make sure that the water is stripped of particles, odour and colour thus making it fit and potable enough for consumption.


1. Sand Filtration: This first stage of water purification helps in stripping the water coming from the reservoir tank of any particles that may be coming together with the water from the source of the water.


2. Activated Carbon Filtration: This stage of 5L water purification helps to remove odour from the water. Odour in the water may rise from chemicals such as chlorine which was used in the treatment process which may leave traces of odour in the water.


3. Reverse Osmosis: This is a more sophisticated process of water filtration that helps in increasing the purity level of 5L bottled water. The reversed osmosis plant is usually designed not just for water filtration but other water treatment processes such as the removal of hardness in water and also to strip the water of dissolved solids that may be present in the water


4. Ultra Violet Light Sterilization: This process is used in the destruction of any germ that may be present in the water which must have escaped the various purification stages mentioned earlier.


Here is the final stage where you finally have a 5L bottled water of a particular brand you’ll always like to drink due to the packaging of the water.


1. Automatic Filling and Capping: For the sake of convenience and the prevention of particles and/or dirt in the produced water, most bottled water manufacturing companies choose to fill their bottled water with the automatic filling and capping machine which automatically fills the desired quantity (e.g., 5L) in a bottle and immediately the bottle is capped by the capping machine which is still within the water filling chamber.


2. Lamp Inspection: Once the 5L bottles are filled, each is carried on a conveyor through a bright lamp with someone to insect and make sure that they are free of any particles.


3. Labelling and Packaging: After the confirmation of each 5L bottles water to be free of particles, the conveyor moves it to the labelling machine which automatically sticks the product label and then the conveyor still moves these 5L bottles down to the wrapping machine where they are wrapped for dispatch to consumers.


With the above thorough stages of processing the 5L bottled water, there is no doubt that such water won’t meet its expected function in the body (i.e., hydration) and give a suiting feeling to the consumer.