How is the 5L Bottled Water Prospect

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The 5l bottled water filling, rinsing and capping process are very crucial processes which can be performed by a single machine, a multiple machine or combination of the two types of machines. The major role of these machines is to rinse, fill and cap the 5L bottle. The 5l bottle can be filled with several fluids such as water or cold beverages, juice and drugs. There are some capping machine which are mainly used for capping this 5l bottle and there are machines that rinse and cap the bottles simultaneously. 

图片1The 5l bottle have several uses apart from filling it with carbonated drinks or water. They are very easy to recycle. They are used for making sprinklers, storing drugs and preserving substances from spoilage. To fill your 5l bottle with water, there are several machines that can be employed to do this. One of such machines is the liquid filler and capper machine. Although this machine does not take part in rinsing process, it is a highly efficient filling and capping machine.

There is a 5l bottle Filler and Capper Machine, which is specifically designed for filling 5l bottle. It is a continuous rotary machine used for capping and bottle filling. Unit covers all the necessary requirements for production and has a maximum speed of 400 pieces per minute. Unit is available in three versions 12, 16 and 24, this offer a superbly versatile rotary machine. The unit design features continuous motion. There are different types of caps that are available piffer proof, pressure, screw on, pumps etc. all of which can be handled by the unit, the possibility also exists of including 1 or 2 capping stations that is completed by 8 heads for each of those.

Rinser, Filler and Capper for 5l bottles

This filling, rinsing and capping machine is popularly used in the in-mining filling plants. The features include:

High-performance: This machine performs at a very high level. It has simple format change-over that conforms to GMP standards. Inspection and cleaning of bottles is easy due to the easily accessible transfer area of the bottles and machine bedplate. The conveyor frame is compliant with regulations for sterile environments. The transfer star wheel has an innovative design to allow the right laminar flow application to the work area and quick format change-over with easy repetition. It has an accurate volumetric filling system that uses three micrometric adjustment eccentrics. The close-profile cams allow mechanical motion that makes the machine highly sturdy, reliable and easy to maintain.

The continuous motion rotary machine used for rinsing, filling and capping bottle contains all the necessary requirements for production and has a maximum speed of 300 pieces per minute. Unit is available in three variants 12, 16, and 24, this guarantees a superb versatile rotary machine for rinsing, filling and capping process. The unit design features a continuous motion. There are different types of caps that are made available; we have the puffer proof, pressure, screw on and pumps.  The 5l bottle has a great prospect and it uses can be change at any time as a result of this.