How Is the Carbonated Drink Bottles Made?

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Today, almost all carbonated drink bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is a kind of strong plastic. Actually, PET material is used for the cable wraps, generator parts, and polyester fabric. Nevertheless, PET is mostly applied for creating carbonated drink bottles. Here is an analysis of the carbonated drink bottle making process.


Before the creation of the bottle itself, the PET undergoes polymerization. It is a process when small molecules are combined together for forming a larger substance. Initially, the methanol is combined with terephthalic acid. This process causes the appearance of water and dimethyl terephthalate. The next step is to combine the former substance with ethylene glycol. All of that is heated at 305 degrees and cause the emission of 2-hydroxyethyl terephthalate and methanol. The last step of polymerization includes polymerization of the former substance. Actually, during this process, the polymer is created when another molecule disappears.  The condensation of polymerization is performed in a vacuum at 275 degrees Celsius. This process creates a chain of PET and ethylene glycol. Lately, the substance is taken off for further creation of PET. When the PET becomes thick, it is cooled down in order to avoid degradation. As a result, the PET may be applied for different uses.


Commonly bottles are made with the help of well-known process orientation blow molding. Firstly, PET pellets are heated and put in a mold which is called parison. Parison is cooled down and cut to the required length. After that, the parison is heated one more time and put in another mold, which is shaped like a carbonated drink bottle. A mandel is slid in the parison where a pressurized air fills the parison, pressing it inside of the mold. In fact, the air shapes the plastic. That is to say that combination of stretching and temperature caused molecules crystallize to create a bottle strength. 

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The whole procedure should be done quickly, so the plastic has to be pressed strictly against the wall.  For making the bottom of the bottle, it should stand upright. It is not the end of the procedure. The mold should be cooled down again. Here various coloring methods are used. Water may flow around the mold where the air is shot into the bottle to cool it better. Again the procedure is done very quickly. After that, the bottle is removed from the mold.  When the production is massive, small bottles are made continuously is a string of attached bottles which are separated.  

Additionally, some soft drink companies make their own bottles, but there still some choose the way of  finishing bottles are delivered from manufacturers to soft drink companies. The reason for this is the fact that plastic is quite light to transfer. Overall, the procedure is quite complicated and requires a lot of efforts. Nevertheless, the necessity in the carbonated drink bottles is quite high. That is why companies continuously manufacture bottles for carbonated drinks.

Before get carbonated drink filled, the carbonated drink bottles should be ready, According to the production volume of soft drinks depend on bottle blowing machine capacities. there are 2 cavities, 4 cavities, 6 cavities, ... bottle blowing machine for normal choice.