How is the characteristics of mineral filling equipment?

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How is the characteristics of mineral filling equipment?

Mineral water filling machine equipment, in short, is the production of mineral water equipment. The mineral water has been widely used in: daily drinking, chemical, medical, breeding, cultivation, food, beverages and so on. Here, you will be briefly introduced to the components of the equipment and the production of mineral water flow.

             Features of mineral water filling equipment

1. The equipment ensures selection of high-speed filling valves, the level of accurate liquid loss, and then ensures that filling technology.

2. Change the bottle shape only need to replace the capping some of the star wheel, arc guide can be completed.

3. The choice of efficient management system, with sound self-control equipment.

4. With the boring contact parts are made of excellent stainless steel manufacturing, no technical dead ends, simple and clean.

5. Mineral water filling equipment, compact, easy to operate, improve the control system, a high degree of automation.

6. The machine operation using the leading touch screen control, complete the operation of man-machine dialogue.

7. Perfect overloads maintenance equipment, can be useful to maintain the equipment and maintenance of the safety of the operator.