How is the hand sanitizer filled? How can you don’t know it?

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For families with children, washing hands with soap is not a good choice. Children must wash their hands before, after, or when they are dirty, and the filling of the hand sanitizer just solves the inconvenience of using soap while effectively preventing cross-infection.

 detergent filling machine

That's right, this hand sanitizer filling line has made the filling of hand sanitizer!

There is no doubt that this is an advanced intelligent operating system, which not only can achieve stable filling and rehydration, but also can automatically bottle the bottle mouth. In addition, the production line has wide application range and convenient adjustment. The most important thing is that the filling process is closed and no. Pollution.

The production line can independently complete the production lines such as filling, capping, tampering, labeling, and coding. The servo motor is used to control the plunger stroke filling measurement principle, and the filling speed is fast and slow, reducing foam and preventing liquid overflow.


Work process:

Manual bottle feeding→Detecting automatic bottle-stopping→Filling nozzle drop→Servo piston quantitative filling and filling machine→Artificial duckbill nozzle→Automatic screw cap (four-wheel clamp)→Automatic labeling (paste, self-adhesive, hot Glue optional)→Online manual sleeve anti-detachment film (optional auto-film)→Coating (ink, laser optional)→Entering the packing process (optional automatic unpacking, automatic packing, automatic sealing) And cuff shrinkage machine

Main technical parameters of the equipment:

1. Power supply voltage: AC220V/380V50/60HZ

2. Power: ≤12-13KW

3. Air source pressure: 0.7Mpa

4, the use of air pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa

5. Applicable bottle cap: according to the bottle type and cap provided by your factory

6, production capacity: 1500-2000 bottles / hour (500ML)

7. Filling accuracy: ±1% (related to filling materials and filling volume)

8. Dimensions (full line): 12000 × 2200 × 1950mm