How is the work process of mineral water filling production line?

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How is the  work process of mineral water filling production line?

              Mineral water, softening and filtration as a pre-treatment, useful to remove the original water suspended solids, sediment particles, organic colloid, organic matter, odor, chlorine, calcium and magnesium and other impurities, with the program-controlled reverse osmosis equipment as a pre-desalination, Remove the vast majority of raw water dissolved salt substances, bacteria, heat source, etc., to ensure that the water quality products qualified.

Mineral water filling production line according to its function can be divided into the brush, filling, capping three processes, the operation process is as follows:

1. The empty bucket into the bucket entrusted, empty bucket movement of a chain of activities, at the moment, empty barrels for the inverted-shaped barrel bucket barrel body to wash.

2. Scouring process a total of three processes: the first one for the water, the second for the disinfectant, the third for the sterile water (mineral water) scouring, washed after 10S time for dripping.

3. Washed by the clean bucket with the chain down 45 degrees, the plastic bucket slide itself, and then by the barrel of the barrel up the barrel up 45 degrees, so that the empty bucket placed in the filling room waiting for filling.

4. The filling valve pushed into the barrel by the cylinder, the active exhaust filling valve by filling the filling, filling the time set by the PLC, and can be based on the level of the use of multi-function panel button to correct filling time, to reach the best position. After filling to the liquid level, the remaining water is returned to the pure water tank by the active exhaust port to reduce the waste of pure water.

5. Next up is after filling, from the bucket cylinder will be filling the barrel pushed to the gland station, to be filling the next step when the gland, thus all the production process is completed.