How mineral water treatment works

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How mineral water treatment works

 Mineral water filling line in the water treatment principle is the pressure on both sides of the membrane as the driving force, based on the principle of mechanical sieving solution separation, the use of pressure is usually 0.2MPa - 0.6MPa, separation pore size 1nm - 0.1mm, can be widely used in the separation of substances, concentration, purification. Ultra filtration process without phase conversion, room temperature operation, the separation of heat-sensitive substances is particularly appropriate, and has good temperature, acid and alkali and oxidation resistance, can be below 60 ℃, PH 2-11 under the conditions of long-term continuous use the Mineral water filling line water treatment of the composition of the role of the structure

1.      The original water tank

The precipitate large sediment particles and other precipitable substances in the water will subside in the water tank. While buffering the impact of water pressure instability in the original water pipe on the water treatment system (such as water pressure is too low or too high pressure response caused by the reaction).

2.       The original pump    

Constant system water supply pressure, stable water supply.

3.       Multi-media filter 

The main purpose is to remove the raw water contained in the sediment, rust, colloidal substances, suspended solids and other particles in more than 20um of the material; you can use manual valve control or automatic controller for backwash, positive rinsing and a series of operations. To ensure the quality of water production equipment and to extend the years of service equipment.

4.       Activated carbon filter

The system uses the shell activated carbon filter; activated carbon can not only adsorb electrolyte ions, but also for ion exchange adsorption. The adsorption of activated carbon filter can also reduce the oxygen consumption (COD) of potassium permanganate from 15mg / L (O2) to 2 ~ 7mg / L (O2). In addition, due to the adsorption of the surface to increase the concentration of adsorption, it plays a role in catalyzing the removal of pigments, odors, large amounts of biochemical in water, reducing residual chlorine and pesticide contaminants and removing trihalides (THM) in water and other contaminants. Optional manual valve control or automatic controller for backwashing, washing and a series of operations. It ensures the quality of water production equipment to extend the service life of equipment. At the same time, the equipment has a self-maintenance system, operating costs are very low.

5.       Ultra filtration filter   

The use of ultra filtration filters on the residual suspended solids, non-straight particles and colloidal substances such as removal, so that ultra filtration systems and other follow-up equipment to run safer and more reliable. Filter element for the 5um melt-blown filter  prevent the upper filter unit, more than 5um impurities will be removed. To prevent access to the ultra filtration device to damage the surface of the membrane.