How to maintain the mineral water filling machine ?

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How to maintain the mineral water filling machine ?

           Mineral water filling machine depends on the usual use and use, how to accurately protect and conserve, and mineral water filling machine is the liquid production process and is the most commonly used filling machinery, and offer high, if often out of trouble will give Production companies to form the loss, so that mineral water filling machine is usually the main conservation.

Some easy to bad products, mineral water filling machine in a sure vacuum environment for filling, or no damage to the goods cannot be estimated. Seasonal maintenance of the filling machinery is very important, if the retention method does not form, the machine cannot continue to be of use, and it will greatly affect the company's production. In the mineral water filling machine just back when the purchase of the machine should be its full view, especially when the machine in the run-in period in the fast, smooth and negligent, so to timely view the protection.


           Mineral water filling machine parts for fastening; according to the size of the packaging to adjust the size of the machine; parts at the convergence of smooth timing. The most important thing is in the season, the company from the beginning of the machine to complete the cleaning, and supporting the retention of equipment to be sure to seal, but also to make the machine in a boring environment to ensure that the beverage machinery is not liquid and other corrosion. Before handling the beverage machine, it is necessary to read the instructions in detail, to understand the adjustment and use of the method must be to clarify the operation. According to the rules of the beverage machinery, the vacuum pump for regular maintenance, refueling (pay attention to adhere to the oil level), and strict attention is not allowed to reverse, to avoid the formation of pump misuse and pump reverse, the oil sprayed to the pump vacuum. Often check out the hot press seal on the varnish (polytetrafluoroethylene) with or without foreign matter, is it flat to ensure the sealing strength. Often check the machine ground is not touch outstanding, to ensure safe use of electricity. Found that filling machine problems should promptly close the power supply, if necessary, to take emergency stop button, to be lifted after lifting the lid, and then turn off the voltage, see factors, remove the problem.