How to start a bottled water plant in Kenya?

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Drinkable water is scarce in African countries like Kenya and many water bottling manufacturers are setting up water treatment plants to address the problem. Existing water bottling machine manufacturers have customized their pet bottle filling machines to treat the water before filing it into bottles to ensure the quality of water that they supply. This is not just an economic move but some companies felt that they were being supplied with unclean water, so water bottling machine manufacturers took matters into their own hands.

In addition, entrepreneurs joined in to facilitate users in the market who required mineral pet bottles.  A common question that you might ask is, how much investment does a water treatment plant require in addition to pet bottle filling? The answer varies and depends on the scale at which you are going to establish your water bottling business.These bottles not only make it convenient to supply water in but also provide a solution to the problem people had been facing before of season.

The business cost can be lowered if you design the water treatment plant yourself. 

But if you hire a professional for water bottling or mineral pet bottle filling machines, then the cost can go up to around $1000. However, if you are new in the business, it is worth the initial investment. The professional can do the feasibility study for you, research the market and formulate a business plan. They can also check for governmental regulations on water treatment plants and pet bottle filling machines.

You also need to obtain a license for your business and register with the respective regulatory authority. 

The cost of registration can vary and can be around $1000. This will also include the lawyer’s fees who will handle all the legal matters for you. If you customizing your existing water bottling plant, then you need to spend less on infrastructure. But if you are establishing a new business, you would require to rent or purchase a space for water treatment plant and mineral pet bottle filling machines. The cost of renting can vary and can be around $1000 to $5000. You will also need an inlet of water supply to your factory, and that could involve additional cost of $2500 in case you need to excavate for a water source.

Some water bottling machine manufacturers provide business kits or water treatment and bottling plant solutions in a bundled deal.

If you are inexperienced, outsourcing these machinery costs to expert third party vendors is a good idea but would cost something around $30000 to %60000. If you are exporting from another country, you need to keep the tax duty and other charges in mind. Lab testing, bottle cleaning, package labelling, storage and shipment are miscellaneous costs that you have to keep in mind. But in the long run, the pet bottle filling business can pay off in a country like Kenya where there is a huge demand for easy access to clean and sustainable water supply.