How to Start a Eligible Pet Bottle Making Plant?

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Pet bottle production is one of the most profitable manufacturing opportunities in the polymer and plastic industry. There is no doubt to say that pet bottles are essential for industrial packaging as it caters to a wide range of products including gas, biochemical, chemical, food and beverages, FMCG, and pharmaceutical industry. There are so many advantages of using PET bottles such as good chemical resistance, long shelf life, recyclable, design flexibility, no leakage, less shipping cost. They provide a good barrier to carbon dioxide, oxygen, water and are lightweight as well. If you are planning to start Pet bottle making plant; you can ensure great profits, but before that, you must go through the detailed guidelines about how to begin.

pet bottle blowing line

Registration and Licensing:

In order to start a pet bottle making plant, you need to obtain:

·         Factory license.

·         NOC from the pollution control board.

·         Trade license.

·         Business registration with ROC.

·         Sales tax registration.

·         Professional tax registration.

It is important to check rules and regulations of your state where you are planning to set up your manufacturing plant to ensure the right documentation.

Finance requirements:

Like all other manufacturing projects, you have to work for two types of financing; one is fixed capital, and other is working capital. It is possible to finance the whole project at once or get separate loans for both. Although, it is possible to gain mortgage loan and term loan for the fixed capital requirement; however, if your requirement is just to get working capital assistance then it is good to contact your nearby financial institution for cash credit.

Unit setup and machinery:

It is time to set up the plant location but makes sure you will be able to get labor, transportation facilities and easy market access from this site. After this, it is time to buy a pet bottle blowing machine. In order to install this machine at a budget-friendly price without even compromising for quality; you must contact a reliable bottle blowing machine manufacturer in your area. It is good to look for an automatic bottle blowing machine to avoid the additional cost of hiring professionals to operate it.

Production raw material:

You need to get easy access to raw material for your plant. Polyethylene Terephthalate is your first requirement. It is important to search for a cost-effective source or supplier of raw material to balance your manufacturing cost.