Let Zhangjiagang beyond machinery take you to see "rape flower"

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Let Zhangjiagang go beyond machinery to take you to see "rape flower"

We can see a wide variety of rapeseed oil on the supermarket shelves. Then you know how it was made? Here we look at a picture:

vegetable oil extraction process.jpg

In this way, nutritious and healthy rapeseed oil is ready, but how is the product oil filled into the barrel? By the following video I believe you will suddenly realize!

Below is the video of its process.

The author was informed that Zhangjiagang Beyond Machinery Co., Ltd. combined German advanced technology in oil filling. At present, the company's filling machine has advanced filling methods, simple operation, accurate measurement, and high degree of automation. In this era of automation, you only need to arrange for 1-2 people to supervise and operate the entire production line. This not only reduces labor costs, but also ensures clean and pollution-free materials transportation.

Products view:


Whole filling line:

1. Filling and drop-proof system

2. Docking system

3. Frequency conversion conveyor system

4. Pneumatic system

5. Electronic control system

6. Measurement

7. Adjustment of the quantity of material 

At the end of the article,Zhangjiagang Beyond Machinery Co., Ltd. is a 12-year-old manufacturer specializing in the production of beverage and beverage machinery. It is dedicated to the integration of various beverage machinery packaging and beverage machinery by relying on the production technology of beverage machinery and the expertise of beverage machinery. Production products include: beverage machinery, pure water filling machine, pure water production equipment, automatic filling machine, three-in-one filling machine, beverage equipment, etc., Beyond the machinery has a pure water equipment price program and a full set of beverage machinery solutions!