Notes for sending container to Ghana

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Notes for sending container to Ghana

On 12th October 2017,  Our company send a production line including PET bottle blowing machine , water treatment system , and carbonated soft drink filling machine to Ghana

However , some shipping companys , for example MSC , need to provide the following customer information when booking the container to Ghana

1. Customer name:  

2. Building name:

3. Street:

4. P.O Box:

5. City:

6. Postal Code:

7. Country:

8. VAT No. (Tax ID):

9. Telephone:  

10. Fax:

11. E-mail address:

What’s more , MSC shipping company also need ASHI NUMBER, however the customer can not provide , so finally choose another shipping company not MSC

In summary , if customer not provide these information and ASHI NUMBER , will not book some shipping company which must need these information .