Oil Filling Machine Working Principle

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What Are Filling Machines?

Liquid filling machines are essential to the packaging process. Filling machines are used to package different types of material such as gas, paste, powder, and liquid. Filling machines are named after the kind of material they are used for such as liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, gas filling machine, and pasta filling machine.

In addition, these machines are classified according to the degree of automation. As a result, they are categorized into a fully automatic filling machine, semi automatic filling machine, and automatic filling machine.


Oil Filling Machine Basics

Oil filling machine come under the liquid filling machine and it is used to package an extensive range of products. The famous oil filling machines include cooking oil filling machine, lubricant filling machine, edible oil filling machine, palm oil filling machine, mustard oil filling machine, and much more.

However, it is good to know that all the different machines in this category work under a similar principle – the oil filling machine principle.

oil filling machine

Oil Filling Machine Working Principle

Due to the viscosity of the oil, oil filling machine is based on the vacuum filling pressure. This is the working principle of the oil filling machine. The vacuum filling pressure of an oil filling machine guarantees high efficiency and it is the easiest and most-effective solution for packaging oil.

The vacuum oil filling machine proceeds when the bottle’s pressure is below the atmospheric pressure. The filling is carried out in two ways as explained below. 

1.  The Differential Vacuum Type

The oil storage container is set under normal pressure while the packaging container will be at internal extraction to create a particular vacuum degree. So, the oil depends on the pressure difference between both containers into the finish filling.

2.  Low Vacuum Type

This method uses the gravitational force. The container is set to a sealing device, and that will be at a predetermined level, which will be in the low vacuum filling. To be functional, a crack or in the bottleneck and pure air filling circumfluence should be avoided.

The vacuum filling pressure can improve the filling speed, prevent oil from coming in contact with residual air container. Any oil can be packaged using vacuum oil filling machine, and it has proven to be highly effective due to the viscosity of oil that makes other packaging methods unsuitable. For edible oil, lube oil, lubricant, and cooking oil, vacuum oil filling machines are appropriate.



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