PET Preform Injection Machine and Blowing Machine for Kenya Customer

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Kenya customer bought pet preform plastic injection machine and pet bottle blowing machine months ago. so far, both machines are doing just as well as they did when they were out of the Beyond factory. below are the machine running pictures from customer factory.


In recent years, the growing demand for the manufacture of high volumes of preforms has led Beyond to become a major contributor in the plastics industry. Making clear and colored preforms from a combination of new and recycled resin, We provide a wide range of sustainable preform sizes and forms to major brands internationally. 

Beyond is the leading supplier of equipment and services to the global PET preform manufacturing industry. Our position is backed by more than 20 years of experience in this market. We offer preform injection molding systems, preform injection molds, preform design and development, factory planning, barrier solutions, mold refurbishing and conversion, along with a comprehensive global sales and support network. Beyond systems deliver the highest productivity levels and the lowest production costs.


Beyond preform solutions reduce total part cost, resulting in a higher return on investment. Easy to operate, fully integrated workcells. Quality engineering and unparalleled service and support help you get up and running faster and keep you running more efficiently – to save you time and money. Cavity-to-cavity and shot-to-shot repeatability ensures the most consistent, highest quality parts while also reducing variability further downstream in the beverage packaging line.


PET preform plastic injection machine and bottle blowing machine are basic beverage filling auxiliary machines. Beyond committed to supporting the long-term growth of your business. Whether it involves bringing the best new preform technologies to market or offering complete turn-key solutions, we have the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure to help you succeed. Welcome to contact us.