Successful installation of glass bottle filling machine in Vietnam

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Recently, we have completed an order for an Vietnam glass bottle filling machine on time.

The customer ordered a glass bottle filling machine and double side labeling machine. This type is automata. It has a one-year warranty and CE, SES certification. The main body of the machine is stainless steel. In addition, our prices are moderate. High-quality products, moderate prices and efficient production capacity make our quality products quickly pass the test. It is now in transit.
Due to the epidemic, our company’s professional installation team could not go to Vietnam to install it in person, but we provided clear and professional installation videos to customers, and answered customer questions promptly and accurately. Questions that are not understood outside the scope of the video can be Help customers answer at the first time, so that customers can experience peace of mind when installing by themselves. Finally, the customer successfully debugged and completed normal production within 2 weeks. The customer was very satisfied with our equipment.


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