The latest "Drinking Natural Mineral Water" and "Sanitary Code for the Production of Packaged Drinking Water" released

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On June 20th, the National Health and Hygiene Committee and the State Market Supervision Administration jointly issued the "National Standard for Food Safety Drinking Natural Mineral Water" (GB 8537-2018) and the "Hygienic Regulations for the Packaging of Drinking Water in the National Food Safety Standards" ( GB 19304-2018). The two standards will be implemented one year from the date of issue.


According to the Food Safety Standards and Monitoring and Evaluation Division, "National Standard for Food Safety Drinking Natural Mineral Water" (GB 8537-2018) is an amendment to the "Drinking Natural Mineral Water" (GB 8537-2008) standard.

Compared with the original standard:

Major changes were made to raw material requirements, some sensory requirements, some limited indicators, and microbiological indicators. Reduce the “color” indicator limit from 15 degrees to 10 degrees, and reduce the “turbidity” indicator limit from 5 NTU to 1 NTU;


In accordance with international practices and the actual conditions of the industry in China, the requirements for manganese and oxygen consumption in mineral water source water were removed, and the iodide indicators in the boundary indicators were deleted.


Taking into account the fact that deep groundwater, which is natural mineral water, is not easily contaminated by organic matter, combined with industry survey data, the oxygen consumption index has been lowered, and the target limit has been reduced from 3.0 mg/L to 2.0 mg/L;


The requirements for the coliform bacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the provisions of the sampling plan are basically coordinated with the National Food Safety Standard Packaging for Drinking Water (GB 19298-2014).


At the same time, the requirements for the modification of Streptococcus faecalis and Clostridium perfringens to five samples must not be detected;

Refined the definition of four types of drinking natural mineral water and revised the requirements for water sources;

The indicators of nitrite, nitrate, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury involved in the original standard are no longer separately specified, and they must meet the requirements of GB 2762 directly.

According to the information of the Food Safety Standards and Monitoring and Evaluation Division, the "Hygienic Code for Packaging of Drinking Water for Production by National Food Safety Standards" replaces the original food hygiene standard "Code for Sanitizing Packaged Drinking Water Enterprise Production" (GB 19304-2003) and "Drinking Natural Mineral Water Plant". Hygiene Regulations (GB 16330-1996). The revised standards apply to drinking natural mineral water, pure drinking water, and other drinking water.


Compared with GB 19304-2003 and GB 16330-1996, the main changes are as follows:

Added the requirements for hygiene requirements for source water collection and guidelines for microbiological monitoring procedures in processing, revised the requirements for the protection of water sources, and modified the requirements for workshops, workshops, facilities and equipment;


Adjusted the standard structure according to GB 14881;


 Revised the scope of application, applicable to packaged drinking water for all categories, revised terms and definitions;


Increased hygiene requirements for source water collection, increased food safety control requirements for the production process, and added Appendix A “Guidelines for Microbiological Monitoring Procedures for Packaged Drinking Water Processes”.