Water filling machine line was sent to Saudi Arabia

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This Monday, we completed a Saudi Arabia order on time.

The customer ordered a complete line of water filling machines with a capacity of 12000-15000bph. This type is automata. It has a one-year warranty and CE, SES certification. The main body of the machine is stainless steel. In addition, our prices are moderate. High-quality products, moderate prices and efficient production capacity make our quality products quickly pass the test. It is now in transit.

You will see the following picture of the machine packaging. Products include bottle blowing machines, water treatment and 32-head filling and packaging lines. We wrap this machine carefully without worrying about collision. It will definitely be sent to Saudi Arabia safely.

Our company strives to be the best in the entire filling machine industry chain, so our product quality and service can provide customers with a peace of mind. In addition to filling machines, we can also provide small bottled water production lines, complete large-scale bottled water production lines, complete bottled juice production lines, complete bottled carbonated soft drink production lines, complete bottled beer production lines, water treatment systems, bottle blowing machines, and stickers Labeling machine etc.

In addition to high-quality filling and packaging machines, Beyond is also known worldwide for its industry-leading customer support, which includes pre-sales consultation, factory design and after-sales service. We uphold a professional attitude, the purpose is to let every new customer choose us with confidence, and old customers can trust us more.