What are Advantages of Rotary Bottle Blowing Machine?

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PET purge machine is a high-speed automatic rotary blowing machine, which is widely used in PET bottles for food, medical, and cosmetic production.

Types Of Machines

There are various types of machines with specific characteristics. The first machine under investigation is RJM series fully automatic rotary blow-off machine. It follows the most developed PET blowing technology, which is used for heating, stretching, blowing bottles. Automatic rotary blowing machine can be used for bottle blowing independently or for ending bottles, purged before filling line, blowing bottles on the box BFC.

The example machine is PET bottles blowing machine automatic 2 cavity. It consists of mechanical, electrical, a pneumatic system with international latest developed technology. The main components include electric and pneumatic parts, bearings and reducers, which are an international brand to ensure the safety and life expectancy. The machine works automatically, with stable performance, reliability and high efficiency.

One more example of the rotary machine is CPXD automatic rotary blow-off machine. It is a specially designed machine for the maintenance of a large container for PAT. Compensation automatic rotary machine CPXD series can be used independently for bottle blowing or before filling line, and can also integrate with Tech-Long BFC Monoblock.

Advantages of Machines

Rotary machines have the advantage of saving production space because of its compactness. Preforms can be loaded on the same side from which the finished bottle and the other three sides of the machine remain free to access and browse. There are machines in which the preforms are made directly opposite the location where it is out of the bottle: this equipment is intended for inclusion in a chain of automatic production lines. The possibility of positioning rotation of the heating section above the section blow and thus to use the resource of height, saving the area, also spoke in favor of the compact exterior design of this kind of equipment.

Characteristic advantages of the PET bottle moulding machines are

  1. The machine consists of the central shaft and the cylinder from 38CrMoAlA chromium, molybdenum, and aluminum alloy by processing with nitrogen, with high thickness, resistance to corrosion and other advantages.

  2. The machine coated with chrome, of screw mandrel design so that the discharge is more uniformly smooth, better completion of the blown plastic film. The complex structure of the filter of the machine makes the source gas more homogeneous. The lifting device adopts the structure of the platform of a square frame, and the height of the lifting frame can be adjusted automatically according to different technical requirements.

  3. There is equipment for unloading usage of film rotating equipment and central winding equipment, and the use of the smoothness of the film regulation of the engine torque for easy operation.

All above-mentioned information proves the complexity of high-speed rotary PET bottle blowing machine. That is why if you want to buy such a machine you should consult the professionals.