What are the customization requirements of filling machine ?

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What are the requirements of filling machine in the custom ?


              Each enterprise in the purchase of filling machine has to buy its own business development of the filling machine. People want to buy the filling machine as much as possible to achieve their own value, and then the enterprise to achieve their own filling machine should meet the requirements ?

              Mechanical design: the main working mechanism of the filling machine from the storage tank, filling the host, frequency control port and interlocking curl and other components. Mechanical body is divided into two parts, one of which is the design. The merits of product quality, whether customer satisfaction first depends on the product design and development process, do a good job of product design and development is to achieve product upgrading, improve product quality level of the premise. The design directly determines the development of the production plan, the purchase of raw materials, the difficulty of the production process, the type of equipment and processing accuracy, the level of quality level, poor design may lead to difficult to produce products. The following are the same as the field installations. "


               Field installation: In the installation process, if the parts are not properly installed in the site, or a certain deviation, then the operation of the machine will lead to mechanical precision, supply, efficiency and other issues. Directly affect the stability of the machine in the operation and the location of the impact of such changes. The following are the same as the”

               Installation environment: the environment is a major factor affecting the quality. According to the space and environment produced by the enterprise, such as air temperature, site, such as the label is lower than the humidity, then the label is not on the bottle; or because the bottle is not within the range of humidity, the filling process A similar situation, the installation environment if the wind, the product also has a very small part of the impact, but as long as a slight improvement, the problem is easy to solve.


               Filling machine equipment, two operating procedures introduced in the domestic filling machine industry in the development process, the domestic filling machine factory through the introduction of technology, digestion technology has made certain achievements, some filling products in the market has achieved good results, while product advantages and technological innovation and other design Also have a certain manufacturing area. This article mainly introduces two kinds of mineral water production equipment operating procedures.


Filling equipment Manual operation procedure

               Any equipment operating procedures must comply with the norms, filling machine equipment even more so. If you are using manual operation need to pay attention to two problems, one is the failure, and the other is the equipment debugging problem Manual operation program first to turn on the power, and then turn off the device on the host air switch, power indicator light to prove that the device is in the start status.

              Second, to check whether all the valves, including the raw water inlet valve, are open. Open the water supply equipment inlet switch, so that with the inlet solenoid valve and the original valve running together. 5 seconds after the opening of a water switch, start a high-pressure pump, 3 seconds after the opening of the secondary water switch, start the two high-pressure pumps.


Filling equipment automatic operation procedures

         Modern enterprises in order to be able to save a variety of costs in the production process, it is recommended to use a higher degree of automation equipment. Automatic operation of the device is to first turn on the power, and then check the various valve switches. You can open the water switch automatically switch, the device automatically run, a high degree of intelligence. Start the device raw water pump, so that the raw water into the pretreatment system, water to low water level when the automatic start to achieve automatic operation of the device function.

         Filling equipment in the water treatment equipment for the removal of macromolecules in the organic matter, metal oxides, suspended solids and bacteria, colloids and so have a high removal rate, while the process is completely physical separation, without any phase change, not only can Saving energy, while not producing secondary pollutants, the equipment operation and management are relatively simple, low operating costs, is a very high cost of water treatment equipment.