What is bottle blowing machine?

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Have you wondered where your mineral water bottle come from? how do they make?

Yes, the plastic bottles you saw in daily life are mostly produced by automatic PET bottle blowing machine, that is the bottle blowing machine function. High-speed automatic bottle blowing machine is hot sale product in Beyond. 

Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine 

Fully automatic bottle blowing machine 

The cavities of the bottle blowing machine can determine the bottle quantities produced per hour.

Bottle blowing machine working principle:

PET stretch blow molding machines manufacture bottles for juices, water, soda, detergents, soda bottles different and several other} other product by stretching preforms in each the axel direction and also the hoop direction. The PET stretch blow molding machines market is predicted to witness a sluggish growth that's in the main driven by the massive shopper base of the food business tightened bottles created by PET stretch blow molding machines.

Beyond is professional in manufacturing plastic stretch blowing machine for years, we have a lot of positive feedback from world customer, such as Lebanon:

"Service is first in Beyond, we purchased the bottle blowing machine for pet bottles in 2017 and accepted complete training of machine, the communication is excellent and smooth, we were satisfied with the machine quality in first factory visiting, the truth is that disappointment never came to me."

High-quality bottle blowing machine is necessary if you are running a water bottling plant, it will improve the efficiency. Even if you are running a bottle making factory, the machine quality will determine how long your business will last.