What the filling machine equipment should pay attention to ?

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What the filling machine equipment should pay attention to ?


    Filling machine equipment use to view and operate Note:

1. Before starting, you should check the disinfectant liquid level, power, air pressure is not normal, with manual approach to view the solenoid valve, the cylinder is not outstanding, the action is not normal, the pump is not correct, the air with or without exhaustive. If you find abnormal conditions, try troubleshooting before the production.

2. The filling machine production to take the initiative to red, disinfection, filling, cover, gland, without human disturbance, but the operator to closely investigate the various parts of the dynamic and found the problem in a timely manner to manually move manually to avoid accidents Accident attack, when the chain position is wrong, with the manual method to launch the shaft, and then push the chain transferred to the normal station. Operation should be promptly make up disinfectant, to avoid the pump in the anhydrous state of idle, burned sealed.

3. After the completion of production, should be left in the pipeline of residual liquid, cut off the gas and water, turn off the power.