Where is the difference between 2 dollars a bottle of water and 200 dollars a bottle of water ?

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No matter how mundane a thing is, if you can provide a good story about it and spread it, it can soar. Any consumer goods can be turned into luxuries such as top milk, top matches and top beverage. Branding, telling stories, will allow brands to appreciate, and of course this appreciation will take time. The role of marketing is to turn ordinary into magic!

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The value of "story"

For increasing value-added products, the price surge, the fundamental reason, because in the process of Commodity Exchange, the story is a price, it USES the mental work of the enterprise, take necessary labor time and become meet people's emotional needs of intangible goods.

The university of Washington in Seattle is preparing to build a massive stadium on a beautiful campus. The news broke out and immediately aroused opposition from the professors. The school then complied with the professors' wishes and canceled the program. Why would professors object? And why does the university respect the professors' opinions so much?
Originally lies in recruitment, professor at the university of Washington, total want to give good professor to tell the story of a "beauty" in Seattle: Seattle is located in the Pacific coast, large and small water such as Washington lake dotted, when it's sunny can see one of the tallest mountains in the americas Rainier peaks, one by one to drive out can also arrive alive helens volcano one by one... And because of this story, let the professors at the university of Washington professor willingly accepted than the average wage level low around 20% of the treatment, and less than other university faculty, in search of higher pay. In other words, the salaries of professors at the university of Washington are paid in the form of money, and 20% are compensated for by the joy of the beautiful story.

But the school gymnasium selected location in the campus of lake Washington, the gym once completed, will be blocked from teaching worker dining room window can appreciate the beauty of the lake, which means the professor's salary will be reduced by 20%. Then professors will have good reason to go to other universities.

The "Rainier effect" USES perceptible Numbers: the story is wealth. In the process of Commodity Exchange, the story has a price. The story is the invisible product, and the product is the tangible carrier of the story. With a story can make consumers are willing to pay a premium for products, precisely because consumers to pay a premium for products not only, more important is can move his story, through the combination of product and stories get emotional satisfaction.


How expensive does a bottle of water cost?

Rivers, lakes, well water, glacial melt... There are countless sources of water around the world. In catastrophic water crisis has not yet spread to the whole mankind today, water is one of the most common things, the era of past great tea, drinking water, bottled water and becomes in the shopping malls display to ordinary goods. Putting water in a bottle, the biggest benefit for people is convenience, which is roughly one dollar and two dollars in most consumers' minds.

Since the homogeneity, bottled water brand competition also by fierce development to the tragic, enterprises have to rely on depreciate sales promotion to maintain sales, many bottled water price fell below a dollar, in a typical small profit era. The entrepreneur begins to think: how to enlarge the profit space of a bottle of water?
To solve this problem, the brands have moved into the high-end, expanding the profit margin by raising the price of water.

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Who propped up the expensive water?

What would be the reason for consumers to buy a bottle of water at the price of beer and even wine?

High-end bottled water brands have been raising the story's banner in marketing, adding or legendary, or romantic, or mystical stories to support prices. Story marketing is rampant in the high-end bottled water market.

From $5.10 to hundreds of yuan, from the domestic nine thousand, 5100 to the foreign evian, VOSS, almost all of the high-end bottled water is to tell a story about the source of the water. Hign-end water is filled by high end liquid filling machines for quality guarantee. Then the beverage filling machines have their stories.Russian K kar-7: "the water source was formed in the cretaceous period around 65 million years ago."

Qomolangma glacier: "the natural mineral spring from the highest peak of the world."

Tibet 5100: "from Tibet 5100 meters, the water source spring temperature is kept at about 23 degrees all year round."

Nine thousand years: "water source is in sichuan province aba county black water county. The water age is 9610 years, which is the melting water of the glacier at the bottom of the glacier in the hundreds of millions of years, and the world's oldest known ecological glacier water.

Fiji: "the bottled water in Europe contains too much calcium, which is good for the bones, but the taste buds are uncomfortable. And Fiji's aquatic volcanic region contains less calcium.

10, 000 years ago: "the oldest source of water on earth"

Wangdao yunyu: "from the island of Tasmania, Australia, which has the cleanest air in the world. The rain is naturally clean."

420: "a dead volcano on the Banks of the Banks of the New Zealand peninsula is guaranteed to be unattended."

Voss: "a pure land from southern Norway is one of the cleanest water sources available on earth. There is a steady stream of natural water minerals that are low in mineral water, free of sodium and unmatched in taste.


Each water source has its own unique characteristics, every feature is a legend of time and space. People naturally associate this bottle of water with a magical journey when they drink it, and get the emotional experience of time or space.

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Different stories attract different types of consumers and bring about a wonderful experience of emotion. As evian said, I drink not mineral water, but evian. What consumers drink is not mineral water, but a story that happens in this bottle of water, the brand is the name of the story. The story of water is passed on to consumers through bottled water, giving consumers an all-around brand experience from the senses and the mind.

The process of forming a successful brand is the process of internalizing the product.

At this point, consumers can acquire more than the physical form of the product, and more are the emotional experience of brand stories. Consumers are willing to pay high prices to get it. That's the brand premium that the story brings.


The premium model of the story

Product physical value + story emotional value = brand value

In a story brand under the mechanism of formation of the price will no longer just physical value fluctuate around products, products of the physical value and brand standard of emotional value is the final price.

At the same time, the brand of emotional value is often not price such digital symbols can be measured, and the emotion demand from everyone has a lot of difference, the same person at different times and also have a big difference to the emotion demand. Therefore, the price space around the value floating will be greatly expanded, expanding the effective range of product price and realizing the maximization of product price.