Which bottles can be produced by bottle blowing machine?

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Do you know how is the pet bottle you are holding with full water or other beverage? A bottle of mineral water is composed of pet bottles and mineral water, today, we are talking about the pet bottle that a kind of container.

Beyond is a manufacturer of pet bottle blowing machine, then we will tell you which bottles you see daily are made by our automatic pet bottle blowing machine.

  1. Mineral water, before filling the mineral water, the pet bottles are ready first.

  2. Milk bottles in plastic, they are made of plastic that different material with water bottles.

  3. So do Carbonated drink bottles.

  4. Glass bottle is another kind bottle you are wondering how is it made? Still same with the pet bottles? generally, Glass bottles are made by glass bottle molding machine.


Does bottle material connect with the beverage they are going to bottle?

The answer is no, let's check the Plastic Bottle Making Process:

The first stage in bottle producing is stretch blow molding. 

The PET is heated and placed during a mildew, wherever it assumes the form of a protracted, thin tube. (The method by that the plastic is forced into the mildew is termed injection molding.) 

The tube of PET, currently referred to as a parison, is then transferred into a second, bottle-shaped mildew. a skinny steel rod, referred to as a mandril, is softened within the parison wherever it fills the parison with extremely controlled air, and stretch blow molding begins: as a results of the controlled air, heat and pressure, the parison is blown and stretched into the mildew, forward a bottle form. to confirm that very cheap of the bottle retains a systematically flat form, a separate element of plastic is at the same time joined to the bottle throughout blow molding.