Why Bottled Water Makes Top Beverage In the World?

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According to Zenith Global, water filling machine is set to overtake all other soft drinks worldwide this year. 


water bottle filling equipment

Health and wellness is a key factor driving the water treatment machine, with consumers increasingly turning to the beverage for calorie-free, pure hydration; while in some markets it offers consumers assured safety and quality.

The category has been growing worldwide in recent years but now Zenith sees it poised to overtake all other soft drink categories this year.


With this increase in demand for water in place of beverages, it means that water production companies need more hands to meet up with the growing demand. How? There should be an increase in efficiency in the form of equipping the industry with highly automated water filling machine as well as other devices which are quite essential in the production process.


Let’s now look at the bottled water industry to understand the trend with reference to some developed countries.


The bottled water industry

Bottled water companies are inspected by the Food Inspection Agency. A water abstraction permit must be obtained from the provincial Ministry of the Environment. Bottling companies continually analyze their product to ensure quality, and members must meet the standards of the bottled water code, the food safety rules for bottled water, the certification program for bottled water operators and the requirements of the factory inspection by an independent auditor to be a member.


The bottled water market is composed of two categories:

  • Home delivery and offices mainly returnable and reusable bottles (up to 18 liters) and

  • The single-use format in PET from 250 mL to 3 liters.


The first bottled water companies were founded in Montreal and Toronto after the First World War to deliver bottled water to offices and homes.


Many factors have contributed to the popularity of bottled water. Consumers want to eat well while being well hydrated. Bottled water meets their concern with naturalness and they consider it essential for a healthy diet.


Demand has also increased due to the accessibility of bottled water in convenience stores, gas stations, large food chains, restaurants and cafeterias, hotels and vending machines. Growth in bottled water consumption has shifted the product from a niche market to a larger market as bottled water has become a staple food for citizens in countries such as Canada.

Bottled water competes with a variety of bottled beverages, including soft drinks, milk, juices, soy beverages, energy, and sports drinks, and to a lesser extent hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate, coolers with reduced alcohol and ciders. In fact, according to a May 2006 study by Probe Research Inc., the majority (70%) of adults who buy bottled water do so instead of other bottled beverages and not to replace tap water.


With this steady growth in global demand, Water Bottling Machine is set to make the top list of beverages in the food and beverage industry.