Servo motor series

Servo motor series of linear blow molding machines are used for producing PET bottles, hot filling bottles, carbonated soft drink bottles, edible oil bottles, pesticide bottles . Servo motor series of linear blow molding machines adopt servo control system, which have the characteristics of stable and reliable structure, high speed and stabilization , simple maintenance, flexible and convenient mold replacement , to meet the requirement of continuous production online. Servo motor series of linear blow molding machines use microcomputer touch screen to control and adjust temperature , so that it makes the temperature adjustment easier of blowing different bottle size . Servo transmission system, high positioning accuracy, high speed and stability, good reliability, no air source and  save energy, high-speed bottle blowing machine maintenance low costs. Beyond machine servo motor series of linear blow molding machines control stretch rod for stretching preform by the servo motor . The advantage is that the stretch can be segmented, preform positioning, to ensure the verticality of the preform when stretched, and then the second stretch. Ensure the uniformity and consistency of each preform stretch. At the same time, bottle blowing machine has high stretch speed and location accurate.


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