Automatic 4 Cavities PET Bottle Blowing Moulding Machine

The servo high-speed bottle-blowing machine is used for PET water bottles, hot filling bottles, steam drink bottles, edible oil bottles, pesticide bottles, and so on. Servo high-speed bottle blowing machine adopts a servo control system, which has the characteristics of a stable and reliable structure, is fast and stable, easy to maintain, convenient and convenient for mold, and meets the need for continuous production online. Touch screen control and temperature adjustment make it easy to blow different bottle type temperature regulation.

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container volume(ml) 1500
Electrical system(V) 380v/50-60Hz
Cavity 1
Max diameter(mm) 93
clamping stroke(mm) 120
mold thickness(mm) 160
stretching stroke(mm) 450
theoretical output(pcs) 2400
Weight (KGS) 2000
The total measure area 2720*3400mm
Main machine size 2720*1440*2060mm
Loading machine size 1700*1100*2400mm
Power(kw) 50
Use power(kw) 20


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Characteristics of edible oil bottle straight line blowing machine:
1. Highly automated;
2. Stable cylinder heating system and efficient blowing system;
3. High efficiency and high production;
4. Environmental protection, no pollution;
5. Energy-efficient and energy-saving;
6. Edible oil bottle straight line bottle blowing machine maintenance convenience, safe operation, low noise.


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