Automatic Grab Type Case Packaging Machine

It clamps product into the open carton, when scratching heads up, carton discharge, sent into the sealing machine.
PLC and touch screen control.

When there is a lack of material, it will alarm, then the machine stops running automatically.

It is with convenient operation, simple design, reducing quantity and intensity of labor, is an indispensable equipment for automatic production line.

According to the packing requirements, it can automatically finish product arrangement.

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Power Supply 3PH 220V/380V 50/60Hz
Machine Dimension (L*W*H) 1700*1950*2060mm
Height of Work Table Feed-in worktable 850mm; out 650mm
Packing Size 500*500*200mm
Packing Weight 0-20kg
Capacity 20 cases/h
Power 4 KW
Air Pressure 6-8kg/cm²
Packing Material Carton
Working Noise <85 decibel


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Case Erector


Advanced technologymanufacturing, and advanced parts, electrical components and pneumatic components.

The machine is with a vertical storage, so that you can add carton at any time, be sure the machine keeps running continuously.

It is suitable for one kind carton size at one time, when you need to change a different carton box, it takes about 1-2 minutes to switch.

The machines are reasonable design, synchronous absorb forming, folding bottom and bottom sealing.

Its body and part performance precisely and durably. Which has operation process with no vibration, operation stability, long life span, high efficiency.

Equipped with blade protection device, avoid operation when its accidentally stabbed.

It can be used separately, or connect the production line together then work in group.

Automatic Case tapper

Automatic upper flap-folding

Easy operation

Newtype of tape head

Both side compression rollers fortight sealing

Top mast with cushion for smoothsealing

Tape overlap length 60±5mm

Two-side belt driven with universalbearing: Precise, Low noise, durable parts and belt

Caster with brake

Equipped with controlvalve type, different size carton no manual adjustment, especially suitable for production line

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