Automatic Hot Melt Glue OPP Labeler Water Bottle Labeling Machine

Adopt wheel labeling way;

Label transmit via label wheel, run along the guide rail, and operate the labeling work;

When the label is through the appointed wheel, the sensor will automatically detect the I-Mark;

Once the electronic eye is positioned, the demodulator will automatically adjust the speed of the wheel, and then appoint the label-cutting position accurately.

The label is through the wheels and then enters into the cutting part to carry out the label cutting work, the label cut will be sent to the vacuum-grip cylinder.

The containers that are transmitted by the conveyor belt will be arranged properly via the star wheel, then, the label which has been painted with glue will proceed with the first labeling in the roller area, and last, rely on the synchronous belt to proceed with the last labeling operation.

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Item Parameter data
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 8KW
Available bottle dimension Diameter:40-105mm, height=80-350MM
Label specification Length:125-325mm,Height:20-150mm
Gluing way Roll painting(about 10mm, both label head and tail)
Capacity 6000 bottles per hour (500ml round bottle)
Compressed Air Pressure MIN5.0bar  MAX8.0bar
Consumption of Compressed Air 0.2M³/minute
Total Weight 2000Kg
Overall dimension L=2500,W=1250,H=1850


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The adjustment of the label-cutting blade is easy and simple.

Vacuum-grip cylinder is made of high hardness material,the additional old handler can reduce the frictions of labels and prevent static electricity.

The change-over of shape pars can be finished with in 10 minutes;

The position of cutting blade can be quickly and accurately adjusted by manual control cabinet;

Vacuum-grip cylinder and cutting unit adopt special material which are wearproof and heat protection;

The self-adjustmen knob can reset the I-MARK position while change he cutting length of labels;


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